Balloon Cookies For A Sweet One-year-old’s Birthday–Part Une

white balloon baby birthday cookies-162

I know.  That’s a big headline for simple and elegant white balloon cookies with a French twist but a first birthday is a very special occasion to celebrate. When my niece, Lauren, showed me the invitation she was going to use for her little boy’s birthday with a white balloon pictured on it, I immediately thought of white balloon cookies to give to guests as party favors.  They would compliment the invitation but also the theme of all-white decorations at… [Read More]

Meringue Cookie Heart Pops

meringue Valentine heart cookie pops West Elm valentine cookie decorating workshop

While I was making Meringue Heart Cookies for a recent post, I thought how cute they would be sandwiched with white chocolate ganache or white candy coating, dipped in colorful sprinkles and placed on a red and white striped straw, so I gave it a try. Won’t they be fun to attach to Valentines? If you’ve made the meringue hearts you only need a few more things to transform them into pops. If you’re using *white chocolate ganache:  1.  Heavy… [Read More]

“Be Still My (Meringue) Heart” Cookies

Chocolate might reign supreme as the sweet choice for Valentine’s Day but if something lighter tickles your fancy, meringue heart cookies just might make your heart go all aflutter. Made with ingredients most of us already have on hand in our kitchens, the ingredients are simple: egg whites, cream of tartar, granulated sugar (either ‘super fine’ or regular), and vanilla.  The pink food coloring for tinting the meringue is optional but soft pink hearts are the language of love on… [Read More]

Baby Shower Mini Cupcakes

In my previous post, I showed you how I was inspired to make decorated baby elephant cookie favors using a graphic of a baby elephant in a baby shower invitation I received.  I just fell in love with that little blue guy so I thought I’d go one delicious step further – I baked some mini cupcakes just for fun and used the same graphic. I have a Canon printer solely designated for edible images that is filled with edible… [Read More]

Decorated Fall Leaf Cookies! A Tutorial (with rolled fondant)

With the autumn breeze swirling colored leaves to my kitchen back door, I had an idea for decorated leaf cut out sugar cookies using rolled fondant that created a different look than using royal icing to decorate them(to see leaf cookies decorated with royal icing click here). With fondant, I could blend the colors together to make them softer and muted.     The first step was to make individual colors of fondant.   I used Satin Ice rolled fondant… [Read More]

Another Round of Margarita Cookies

decorated margarita cookies

A sweet gal emailed me after seeing my margarita cookies and wondered if I would make them for a party she was giving to honor her mom on her 50th birthday. I thought her thoughtfulness and love for her mom was so sweet that I told her I’d be happy to RSVP with my cookies. The regular and strawberry margarita cookies would be served. I wrote a post on how to decorate margarita cookies but this time I made the… [Read More]

Collegiate Cupcakes – UCLA

To honor and celebrate a very special recent UCLA graduate I made UCLA cupcakes for his graduation party. I started out with a new oh-so-yummy vanilla cupcake recipe, made a variation using vanilla bean paste and voila! Next, I had to lock in my colors. I fell in love with the Decco Drops I found at Williams-Sonoma (in-store) so I had to commit to using a slightly more aqua color than the true Bruin baby blue. This also meant using… [Read More]

Everything’s Coming Up Flower Cookie Pops

  When I was asked to make cookies for an exhibitor at a landscape trade show I immediately thought flowers would be a natural tie in. The “Vegas” theme of the show would play a part too. I thought cookies would be a unique and fun give-away gift and I could also utilize them in containers for the table decoration. I learned that at a trade show such as this the objective is to get people to visit your booth… [Read More]

Decorated Margarita Cookies!

decorated margarita cookies

They’re not just for Cinco de Mayo anymore. Do you like traditional margaritas or strawberry?Let’s start with the cookie garnishes for margaritas. I wanted to have a little sparkle. What better place than on the garnish?Strawberries! I used a small strawberry cutter then iced the cookies in red. While the icing was still wet I covered them with Dicso Dust in Strawberry.You must cover them completely to get this effect. The random sprinkle will look like a random sprinkle. No… [Read More]

‘Smile’ For Camera Cookies!

camera cookies

  Food photography has become a big component of blogging where recipes and techniques are shared and since I’m taking so many pictures to document my cookie making and decorating I’ve needed to find resources to help me improve.I’ve been very fortunate to find two exceptionally talented women in this field. The first is Amanda Padgett who runs Everyday Elements. She’s incredibly savvy at photography and Photo Shop Elements (PSE) and offers online workshops, tutorial videos and so much more…. [Read More]