Decorated Margarita Cookies!

They’re not just for Cinco de Mayo anymore.margarita cookies
Do you like traditional margaritas or strawberry?Let’s start with the cookie garnishes for margaritas.
I wanted to have a little sparkle. What better place than on the garnish?Strawberries!
margarita cookies
I used a small strawberry cutter then iced the cookies in red.
While the icing was still wet I covered them with Dicso Dust in Strawberry.You must cover them completely to get this effect.
The random sprinkle will look like a random sprinkle. No bueno.I topped off the strawberries with piped leaves.

margarita cookies

Lime Wedges!

I baked small round cookies then cut them in half when I took them out of the oven.
Cutting them warm will give you a perfect straight edge.

You can cut them in half before you bake but unless you trim them, they won’t have that perfect edge. For me, cutting them warm saves me a step.

margarita cookies
Outline in green for the rind.
#3 tip.

Next comes white for the sections.
By this time I had been up for over 30 hours and I wasn’t the steadiest icing piper but it worked out okay when you see the whole cookie effect.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s only a cookie, it’s hand made, it will be eaten.
Don’t stress over a less than perfect pipe. 🙂

margarita cookies
I filled in with thinned Electric Green (the perfect margarita color) by Americolor.
I applied it with a toothpick.

margarita cookies

I then sprinkled the wedges with Disco Dust in Light Green.

margarita cookies

The Margarita Glass Cookie!

I found a cutter, smaller than I usually make cookies but I liked it.

I wanted the outline to have more pop in a contrasting color (white) so I applied the light green color first and let it set up.

margarita cookies
I then piped the white outline and added a rim outline for the pearl sugar (faux salt).
More on the sugar in a moment.

Later, when the top half was complete, I piped the stem and filled it in with thinned icing.

You can see the difference between filling in first then outlining (top of cookie) and outlining first then filling in (stem).

margarita cookies
Also, proportionally, I thought the strawberries were too big to place on the cookie so I added them along with the margarita cookie to the final packaging.
I’m calling them a “cookie charm.” 🙂

I liked the look so much I made some regular margarita cookies with the lime wedge as the cookie charm but most have the wedge on the side of the glass.

margarita cookies
Now back to the sugar.
While the rim was still wet I sprinkled pearl sugar over it.
You can flip your cookie over immediately after you’ve done this.

margarita cookies

I bought the pearl sugar especially for these cookies. I remember seeing it along time ago in the King Arthur catalog thinking it looked like margarita salt. Cocktails always on the brain, I guess.

I found it on the website.
The package says the sugar is used for decorations on bread dough since it will not melt in the oven during baking.

It worked perfect for the sweet substitution of margarita salt, don’t you think?

My new wallpaper on my laptop!

margarita cookies
Ready for any party!

margarita cookiesCheers!

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