Bridal Shower ‘Tushie Cookies’!

I can hardly believe I am saying this especially after my Granny Panties post last Friday, but I was totally inspired to make these cookies by the bridal “I Do” thong I gave my niece for one of her shower gifts this past weekend.

bridal shower tushie cookies 
These aren’t your mama’s bridal shower cookies but they sure got a lot of laughs and attention!

I made a few just for fun. I wrapped them up and told Jennifer, the bride, I made some new samples for her cookie wedding favors. My family and I are kinda nutty and we like to laugh and kid each other, but you knew that about me already didn’t you?

Here are some different styles.
Yes, I even made one for John, the groom, with the bride’s name on it, with panties.
It was a joke that he wore women’s panties.
He doesn’t, but for the sake of my cookie I’m willing to start the humor.

bridal shower tushie cookies 
If you’re wondering how to make the shape, I used a heart shaped cookie cutter and cut off the point. The more pronounced the heart shape, the more ‘junk in the trunk’ you’ll appear to have.
So fun!

Back to the shower ~
It was a lovely day graciously hosted by Syl, John’s sister and the bride’s sister, Mizz, who has a wicked sense of humor, but even I was surprised when it came to ‘Pin The Junk on John’ with John’s superimposed face on a hunky body. I wonder what Target would think of using their logo in such an ingenious way. Don’t worry, the ‘stickers’ were our names!
Very clever and very funny!

Jennifer’s 89 year-old grandma, my mother-in-law, came with me.
She is incredible.

And yes, we all wear bows on our heads when we open gifts.

It was a tradition started by my mother-in law’s father, the bride’s great-grandfather.
Actually, there’s no way to tell how far back this silly genetic (mutation) anomaly occurred.
It’s just something we do. 🙂


So what do you think. Should I submit these to Martha? 😉


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  1. Yes I would I love them too cute!

  2. Yes, definitely!! I love them.

  3. I am starting to feel like a broken record by saiyng “these are the cutest yet” but I think they might be..what a riot! I woudl feel bashful just taking a bite….

  4. Yes, Martha Weddings or maybe The Knot? They are definitely cute!
    Beautiful women of all ages at your niece’s shower, so special.

  5. How wonderful to have traditions …these cookies are adorable … Yes, Martha would love them!! As always I adore your creativity and am so happy that you share the little bits that make it simple… Happy Monday my friend, xo HHL

  6. these are HYSTERICAL!

    you must send them to martha… or ellen!!

  7. Adorable!!

  8. So much fun! xx

  9. I think Martha would Love them!! You really should send her a sample, it might get you a segmant on the show! Those are over the top cute!!!!

  10. Tattooed tush cookies – love it!
    xo Cathy

  11. There is no limit to your vision. I love the thong tushie cookies. Do send them to Martha. There is more to explore in the panty cookie realm. Ruffled tennis panties? Boxers?

  12. These are hilarious!! I love them!

  13. Yes, send them! This may be our chance . . . 😉 xoxo

  14. OMG!! My anniversary is this weekend..
    I may need these!!


  15. ABSOLUTELY! I love these. So funny. And I am so excited that I can buy your goodies locally.

  16. I believe you’ve gotten a “thumbs up” on your humorous and adorable cookies! Too cute! Love them!

  17. Don’t send Martha the idea. Keep it for yourself my dear!!

  18. Ha, love those cookies. How fun.

  19. love, LOVE, L.O.V.E. the cookies! So creative, so funny, so YOU!

  20. Those are the cutest cookies EVER! What a great idea!!!

  21. Tooo cute! You dress up a tush very well!

  22. Your creativeness know no bounds and, in reality, I think you outshine Martha. Certainly, show your cookies to her…you should get an invite to be on her show!

  23. LOL! I WAS trying to figure out what shape cutter you used. What a hoot!

  24. I tried to make these cookies last night and to say it was a failure was an understatement. We used a heart shaped cookie cutter with Pillsbury sugar cookie dough (cutting off the point of the heart). The dough was rolled out thick to prevent crumbling. After taking the cookies out of the oven we found that the cookies had taken on an oval shape. Also, the dough didn’t cook up very smoothly. We made royal icing according to the recipe. We use toothpicks, pastry bags and tips, small craft paintbrushes. They looked awful.

    Are there any tips to make these a success? Or can I just order them? I’m hosting a bridal shower in February. Thanks.

  25. Hi Marie,

    I highly recommend my recipe for sugar cookies on my side bar. I have never used commercially prepared dough but I have feeling the ingredients might cause the dough to spread while baking. You can also read my tutorials on rolling dough the dough and the recipe and tips for using royal icing.

    If you have any further questions you can email me.

  26. Hi! Can I purchase these from you? I am going to a bachelorette party in 2 weeks and just found your blog. They would be perfect! And my friends fiance is named John!

  27. Katherine,

    send me an email and we can talk. 🙂

  28. Do you pipe a line first and then fill in with the thinned icing?