Halloween Tushie Cookies

Don’t think of Halloween as being romantic?  These ghoulfriends found a way to show the monsters of their hearts their affection.

And you knew it was just a matter of time before I designed Halloween Tushie Cookies, didn’t you?  See links below for the ongoing Tushie Cookie Collection list.

Halloween Tushie Cookies-5103-2text

Enjoy the BOOty cookies and have a happy Halloween!

For Frankenstein.

Halloween Tushie Cookies-5142

For Vlad Dracula.

Halloween Tushie Cookies-5132

For Jack O’Lantern.

Halloween Tushie Cookies-5150

I only have eye for you!

Halloween Tushie Cookies-5144

Oh yes, and let’s not forget Mummy.  Always wrapping us in … love.

Halloween Tushie Cookies-5154

Wishing you a sparkly and magical evening tomorrow.

Halloween Tushie Cookies-5145

Halloween Tushie Cookies-5148

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’Tushie’ Cookies VI – Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower Tushie Cookies–Pink, Blue and White

Bridal Shower Tushie Cookies

Before I get into my latest Tushie Cookies, I’d like to welcome my Tri-Delta sisters who may be visiting.  I’d love to connect with you so send me an email to say hello and introduce yourself and I’ll say hello back!  I’m thrilled to have you here! Welcome. Back to cookies… When I made my original Tushie Cookies for my niece’s wedding, I had no idea they would be pinned and re-pinned thousands of times.  I’m amazed that post continues… [Read More]

Isty Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Tushie Cookies

Surfs Up! I’ve been a busy bikini designer lately.  In fact I made over 100 Bikini Tushie Cookies for my son’s fraternity’s fund raiser. The event was a friendly Best Dance Crew competition between the college’s sororities to benefit the local Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization. These girls sure knew how to twerk with all the other hip hop moves on the stage.  And these ladies had the moves!  Don’t know what twerking is?  You’ve seen it but you… [Read More]

Tushie Cookies “Gone Wild”

50 shades of grey cookies tushie cookies

  Is is possible to have a Tushie Cookie fetish?     If so, I guess I’ve been a bad, bad cookie dominatrix.     I whipped these up for our friends who invited us over for dinner who thought my regular tushie cookies were pretty funny when they saw a photo of them so I decided I had to raise the bar and create something edgier that they hadn’t seen before.  They have such a great sense of humor… [Read More]

A Big, Beautiful Birthday Cupcake with Tushie Cookies!

jumbo birthday cupcake with stars and fondant ribbons

Only the most glam birthday cupcake would do for my wonderful friend, Suzi, and her most fabulously stylish daughter, Rebecca June, who describes herself on her blog as an ~ Interior Designer. Jewelry Addict. Clothes Horse. TV Junkie. Wife and Mother to a Rescue Dog. Suzi and Rebecca sparkle. Some people just seem to do that. I knew my design had to include glittering stars – (made from thinned royal icing, piped and filled in on top of cloth covered… [Read More]

‘Tushie Cookies’ for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine tushie cookies

Amy from Ohio had a great idea. She asked me if I would make her my Tushie Cookies for her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. How could I resist such a sweet and fun request? Amy had a couple more requests – pink, red and… … Tiffany blue with Ben’s name in a black tattoo! Tushie Cookies aren’t just for bridal showers anymore! You’ll find more ‘Tushie’ Cookies at these links:  ‘Tushie’ Cookies I – Bridal Shower  ‘Tushie’ Cookies III –… [Read More]

Bridal Shower ‘Tushie Cookies’!

bridal shower tushie cookies

I can hardly believe I am saying this especially after my Granny Panties post last Friday, but I was totally inspired to make these cookies by the bridal “I Do” thong I gave my niece for one of her shower gifts this past weekend.   These aren’t your mama’s bridal shower cookies but they sure got a lot of laughs and attention! I made a few just for fun. I wrapped them up and told Jennifer, the bride, I made… [Read More]