Halloween Tushie Cookies

Don’t think of Halloween as being romantic?  These ghoulfriends found a way to show the monsters of their hearts their affection.

And you knew it was just a matter of time before I designed Halloween Tushie Cookies, didn’t you?  See links below for the ongoing Tushie Cookie Collection list.

Halloween Tushie Cookies-5103-2text

Enjoy the BOOty cookies and have a happy Halloween!

For Frankenstein.

Halloween Tushie Cookies-5142

For Vlad Dracula.

Halloween Tushie Cookies-5132

For Jack O’Lantern.

Halloween Tushie Cookies-5150

I only have eye for you!

Halloween Tushie Cookies-5144

Oh yes, and let’s not forget Mummy.  Always wrapping us in … love.

Halloween Tushie Cookies-5154

Wishing you a sparkly and magical evening tomorrow.

Halloween Tushie Cookies-5145

Halloween Tushie Cookies-5148

You’ll find more ‘Tushie’ Cookies at these links:

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  1. Those are very cute!

  2. These are the cutest!!!!! I love them……have to pin them to my food fun board.

  3. Marilyn, you slay me! These are HILARIOUS! And strangely beautiful – in a cutesy-creepy Halloween way!

  4. These are so fun! Love them!!!!

  5. Marilyn, Cute tushie cookies; very clever. I like the mummy ones!

  6. Too cute. Love!

  7. Oh. My. Gosh. You and I are meant to be friends:).

  8. Omg I love them! Perfectly sweet and scary! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Marilyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I love these! How CUTE! And the Mummy?! Cutest bum EVER!

  10. I have to say these are the cutest and most original Halloween cookies I’ve ever seen! LOVE!!

  11. Seriously?! These are stinkin’ adorable. I absolutely love the mummy one. Thank you for such a cute post! I totally missed this for Halloween. I’m going to bookmark this for next year.