Baby Shower Mini Cupcakes

In my previous post, I showed you how I was inspired to make decorated baby elephant cookie favors using a graphic of a baby elephant in a baby shower invitation I received.  I just fell in love with that little blue guy so I thought I’d go one delicious step further – I baked some mini cupcakes just for fun and used the same graphic.
I have a Canon printer solely designated for edible images that is filled with edible ink cartridges.  Regular ink never touches this printer.
baby shower mini cupcakes 997 copy
Printing on edible icing sheets.
   EdibleElephants1061 copy
Cut.  It feels like cutting through thin vinyl.
edible elephants 1063 copy
I ‘glued’ them with piping gel, on top of white fondant rounds I cut out using a fluted cutter.
For a color contrast, I added yellow royal icing ducks I purchased from a cake supply store to save me some time.  For design variation, I piped rosettes and added blue dragees I found at Williams-Sonoma.
baby shower mini cupcakes 994 copy
The little edible elephant images were a fun accompaniment to the cookies.
Is anyone interested in ordering printed edible images for cupcakes, cakes or for cookies?  I think I may be open for business.  
What do you think?  Graduation, school logos, mascots, (the Collegiate Cake Pops), photo of the graduate?  Or for the guest of honor at a birthday party – each cupcake or cookie favor showing an image of a special moment in his or her life?  Wouldn’t that be a kicker? Too fun!
Send me an email and we’ll talk. 
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  1. Oh my gosh cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!


  2. These are absolutely adorable!! I can’t believe you have a printer that does this. I love it!

  3. Wow they are gorgeous! So cool I imagine the design are unlimited at what you could do.

  4. Wowzers! I had no idea you had an edible image printer!! Hmmm ideas are churning ;-).


    Love ya sis

  5. I have to tell you this is my second printer. The thing is you need to keep printing to keep the printer heads from crystallizing over or you need to steam clean them before that happens so I need to keep printing. 🙂

  6. W O W !!!! adorable!! ! I can’t believe you have a printer that does this. Could you give some reference of good brand and where can I buy the ink cartridge and the printer. I live in Canada-Toronto and never found like these here.. Thank and nice job !!!