Another Round of Margarita Cookies

A sweet gal emailed me after seeing my margarita cookies and wondered if I would make them for a party she was giving to honor her mom on her 50th birthday. I thought her thoughtfulness and love for her mom was so sweet that I told her I’d be happy to RSVP with my cookies.

decorated margarita cookies

The regular and strawberry margarita cookies would be served.

decorated margarita cookies

I wrote a post on how to decorate margarita cookies but this time I made the cookie charms a little different and I already have an idea to try something new next time.

decorated margarita cookies

That’s what I love about cookie decorating – coming up with new ideas to try.

decorated margarita cookies

Because there are two dominant colors of cookies for one party I wanted to unite them with ribbon. I thought orange would be the perfect choice for both of the colors and I loved the shiny polka dots ribbon I found at Michaels. Polka dots always say “happy”, “fun” and “party” to me.

decorated margarita cookies

decorated margarita cookies

I always package in what my helpful UPS friend, Judy, calls a tabbed pizza box lined with big bubble wrap. (Thank you, Judy, for all your help and the discounts! You were super!)

decorated margarita cookies

decorated margarita cookies

I then pack the pizza boxes in an outer box packed with peanuts, say a prayer to the cookie shipping angles (I really do) and off they go!

Happy birthday to your mom, Mindi and thank you for inviting my cookies to your party!

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  1. Those are adorable!! I love the strawberries!!

  2. Send some my way, they look so yummy and fun!!

  3. Awesome cookies…..omg you are so talented love them!

  4. Those are so adorable! You have definitely been blessed with a cookie decorating talent. You’re wonderful! SO JEALOUS! 🙂

  5. You AMAZE me!
    Gifted, my dear….gifted.

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  6. My dear friend … I can only say I wish we were neighbours .. I would supply the champagne or tea and you the cookies .. what fabulous afternoons we would share. Your creativity and skill is truly a blessing!!
    Your shipping Angels are definitely looking over your wonderful delights!!!

    I hear its very hot down your way … stay cool ..xo blessings HHL

  7. Those little buddy strawberries and limes are so adorable I want to EAT them. Oh.

  8. Can you make some for my 50th birthday ? It’s only 2 1/2 years away, so no hurry 😉
    These look amazing, I just love em!

  9. those are adorable!! I would love them for my 21st!!

  10. You are so talented. So admire everything you make. Wish I lived in your neighborhood!

  11. Gorgeous!!!

    I dont know if you have seen my personalized ribbon but maybe you want to offer it to your customers? I can do lots of icons and messages and colours!

  12. cutest cookies ever!

  13. These might be my favorites yet, seriously way too cute…plus I love margaritas!!

  14. These are really cute!

  15. Brilliant!

  16. Heather says:

    soo cute!

  17. i love strawberries!