Succulent Pumpkin Arrangement DIY

If you’re a guest this Thanksgiving and the host or hostess has got the menu covered, I’ve got a different idea for you as a special gift to give. Flowers are lovely and always welcome but how about making a succulent pumpkin arrangement for something a little more unique? I think you’ll be surprised how easy it is to put together.

succulent pumpkin arrangementDIY

Things you’ll need:

  1. Pumpkin (grocery store, home improvement store or nursery)
  2. Sheet Moss (home improvement store – I found it at Lowe’s and Home Depot by the interior plants)
  3. Succulents (again, a place like Home Depot or a nursery)
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue gun or tacky craft glue
  6. Raffia (optional)

I love how pumpkins are available to purchase in all colors in the last few years and not just orange. My pumpkin had an aqua cast so I also chose my succulents that were more blue in tone to be more monochromatic.

When you look at the finished arrangement you might think there’s a hole cut into the top but there’s not! Actually, if you want your pumpkin to last a few months it’s very important that the surface of the pumpkin has no cuts in the skin anywhere. If there are even small cuts, bacteria will get in and the pumpkin will begin to decay. Think about jack-o-lanterns a few days after they’ve been carved. So start with a perfect pumpkin.

succulent pumpkin arrangement DIY-2572

Succulents can be pricey. I found these at my local nursery. The total cost for the pumpkin and the succulents cost me about $30.00. The mini pots had one variety of plant per container but I found a container that had multiple varieties in it so this saved me from buying 4 more individual plants.

succulent pumpkin arrangement DIY

The sheet moss is just that – a sheet of dried moss. Grab a hunk that will fit the top of the pumpkin and glue it to the top. It can be trimmed later with a scissors if needed.

succulent pumpkin arrangement DIY

succulent pumpkin arrangement DIY

Snip a larger succulent that will be a focus flower. I usually make this a little taller and center it. Glue it on. It’ll stay great with hot glue but tacky glue works well too but will take longer to set up.

succulent pumpkin arrangement DIY

Next, begin snipping and gluing the succulents to the moss starting in the center, tucking them into one another and working outward.

To finish, I tied some raffia around the moss after the succulents were attached.

That’s all there is to it! I love using mini pumpkins too for place settings so each guess can take one home.

After the fall season, either snap off or cut the succulents from the arrangement and transplant them. You can use them next year! 🙂

succulent pumpkin arrangementDIY


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