Holiday Cookie Decorating Workshop

Last week began my cookie decorating workshops for this holiday season and we had a great time! I was honored to be invited to teach a group of Newport Beach tennis friends who gathered for dinner and wanted to learn how to become cookie decorating rock stars.  They were all so lovely, welcoming and enthusiastic that I could have easily forgotten I was there to teach! Don’t you love their matching aprons?  Diane, the organizer of the evening and third… [Read More]

Decorated Champagne Glass Cookie Party Favors–DIY

For two…. …or more. Either way, a bit o’ the bubbly always makes a celebration sparkle. In this case, for an engagement. Best wishes to the happy couple! DIY Champagne Glass Cookie Party Favors: Things You’ll Need: Sugar Cookie Recipe & Tutorial Royal Icing Recipe & Tutorial Gold cake coloring (I used Americolor Gold) Icing decorating bag or parchment cone #3 decorating tip Gold dragees (two sizes) White colored pearlized luster powder (optional) (one brand is Wilton) Super gold luster… [Read More]

Dear Friends…

As the year winds down I wanted to tell you, you’ve made my year merry and bright and I count you among my blessings.  Espresso martini decorated cookies. I’m going to be doing more of this over the next couple of weeks… … so I’ll see you again after the brief holiday intermission.  🙂

Decorated Snowflake Cookies– Gathering The Dough and Re-Rolling The Post

What does your cookie forecast look like this season?  Merry and bright with a high chance of pretty and delicious snowflake cookies?  Snowflakes are a wonder to me.  When I was around twelve I experienced falling snow for the first time and it turns out to be the only time so far.  In the palms of my gloves, I recall I was amazed to see the ice crystal patterns of the individual flakes.  I thought all falling snow must be… [Read More]

Decorated Snowflake Cookies!

‘Tis the season for making a flurry of snowflake cookies. Sugar cookie recipe and tutorial. Roll, cut and bake. Royal Icing Recipe and Tutorial. Outline. #2 tip. Fill in. Lightly sprinkle with rainbow Disco Dust. Sunlight refracted through the chandelier. Individuality. Shiny silver dragees. Finishing touches. Snow drift. Flurries. Mini Snowflake Tutorial. Bearing gifts. To all my readers, new friends I have made along the way, and to the loves of my life, all unique and beautiful … … Wishing… [Read More]

Mini Snowflake Cookies

Good things do come in small packages.   Especially in bite sized ones.After icing the cookies with thinned icing and letting them dry, I brushed them with aqua colored luster powder for a soft blush of color. I then piped the details on the cookie and finished with a single silver dragee in the center. For the presentation I used paper loaf pans that I never got around to using for baking cranberry bread for Thanksgiving. Another small package and… [Read More]

Meringue Mushrooms

Meringue Mushrooms are a special treat at Christmas time. I’ve usedthem to decorate Buche du Noels but I like to make them to give as gifts because they’re different from the regular holiday cookies. They present nicely in a small decorative basket, a mushroom basket from the store or even wrapped up in a cello bag tied with a festive ribbon. Things needed~1/2 c. egg whites, room temp. (3 to 4 large eggs)1/8 tsp. table salt1/4 tsp. cream of tarter1… [Read More]

Flurries of The Heart

I wished for a snow day today to play with all my snowflake cookie cutters. Not only did our usual sunny skies have no intention of performing a miracle but I also found myself on the couch with a cold. Day 3 in fact, so I can only plan my attack when I get back into the kitchen. For a girl who has only been in slightly falling snow once, snowflakes call to me. Every year I would make a… [Read More]

Snowmen Pops!

A fun project to do with kids of any age. Last year I had son2 bring over a bunch of his buddies with their girlfriends and make these out of marshmallows. I just had to get my hands on a holiday project and have kids over. Even big ones! Stick 3 marshmallows on a long lollipop stick. Spoon melted white candy coating. Decorate with royal icing embellishments (hat, nose, eyes and buttons) Cake decorating stores usually sell these already made…. [Read More]

Hunks of Gingerbread

  My version of a gingerbread man… And for my close friends with whom I share pink martinis, gossip and a good laugh… Original designs. 🙂