Me and Martha!

Yesterday I got an email from Martha Stewart. Well, sort of. My banana cookies photo was chosen to be a featured photo on Dreamers Into Doers on I don’t know how it was chosen, could be random for all I know, but it was fun yesterday telling my family members Martha and I were BFFs!! HA!

Seeing my photo on Martha’s site…
“It’s a good thing”.

Have a good weekend, friends.
Next week I promise something besides banana cookies!

New York

Everything I learned about NYC, I learned on the Grey Line tour bus. You’re invited to ride along. Times Square.Because the NY Times was located in the building behind ‘the ball’ at the intersection.Like Vegas only more squooshed.Been there. Done that. Don’t need to do it again. Uptown.Not a location per se, but a direction.If you are going anywhere north on Manhattan it is considered ‘uptown’.Going south? It’s ‘downtown’. “Up. Down. Cross. Town”.I give it a 10. It has a… [Read More]

Valentine’s Day Downloads

Happy February! I found some great links to all things Valentines; cupcake toppers and wrappers, cello bag toppers, and printable brownie bags. How do these gals do this?? I am completely smitten with their talents! I knew you would be too. Kim, at The Celebration Shoppe offers these adorable cello bag toppers to download. The retired room mom in me is crying out! Any kindergartners or first graders out there who will adopt me for the month of February? Here’s… [Read More]

What Were The Target Buyers Thinking?

Men’s Boxers Special music today for this little nugget… “Squirrel Nut Zippers” sorry, I could not resist. my sophomoric humor runs amok~ 😉

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel…

presenting … The 12 Gays of Christmas I LOVE THIS! … and I am now exhausted.  

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…

Brazilian RhythmsJazz Songs sung in Portuguese Herb Alpert Lani Hall All under one roof.Tonight.I am so excited!Thank you, Santa. “The Christmas Song ~ Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66

Sugar Daddy Ken

The Real Mattel Deal. Part of the Palm Beach Barbie in~crowd. West Highland Terrier included. The official name of the doll is Sugar’s Daddy Ken. Sugar, being the terrier but people are calling him “Sugar Daddy Ken.”There is also another controversy.Some think Ken is clearly a Palm Springs Ken.I concur. Naturally, Ken would not be seen without seasonal accoutrements ~ swim trucks, non-glare broad spectrum UV blocking shades, sandals, SPF 30 sunscreen and designer bottled artesian water. Surprisingly, there is… [Read More]

The PINK Plate Special…

“How many for the Pink Martini party, this evening, Miss?” I’ve rented the entire room just for us! I had a friend who once said our neighborhood was so obscenely decorated during Christmas it looked like Santa had thrown up. I guess you could say Cupid had the same digestive problem but I LOVED IT! How fabulous is this? This was taken during the morning but can you imagine how magic it is at night?? The Rose Parade meets The… [Read More]

Truly Remarkable.

If you haven’t seen this already it is incredible. Turn off my music on the sidebar and listen to the music that accompanies this video. Amazing! ‘Ukraine’s Got Talent’ winner Kseniya Simonova does something we’ve never seen before — drawing in the sand. Set to music, Simonova depicts the invasion of Ukraine by Germany in World War II.

When The Universe Steps In …

Sometimes things just seem to go so right ~One night I was walking in the parking lot of a shopping center where I apparently dropped my keys without knowing it. I was steps away from going inside the store when I heard a car alarm and for some reason I turned around towards the sound. I saw the lights on my car flashing. That’s odd. I looked in my bag for the keys and then I realized I did not… [Read More]