“The Great White Granny Panties” {GIVE-AWAY} ;)

And why not?
We need to take the white granny panties out of the closet and give them the respect they deserve!

I was in Nordstrom the other day buying some bridal specific panties for my niece who is having a shower this weekend. They’re new and blue and say “I do”. Cute, but I couldn’t imagine anything less comfortable than a thong so I asked the sales person who seemed my age, what is so appealing about wearing basically nothing against your clothes. She told me the panties were very comfortable and with them the panty lines wouldn’t show.

I told her panty lines were the least of my troubles back there and if someone was looking that hard I really wanted to give them something to look at. Besides, I like having something come between me and my Calvin’s.

Thongs came out after my ass’s heyday to which I am eternally grateful.
A French cut bikini was considered daring then but until I became pregnant with son1 I was a bikini gal all the way. I discovered, or should I say re-discovered white granny panties in the maternity section and I’ve never looked back in the rear view mirror. (Bad pun, sorry.)

My first introduction was when I was a little girl where I had the days of the week embroidered on them. I couldn’t wait until Friday. Who wouldn’t have fond memories of that and subconsciously want to reconnect? And by the way, Friday is still my favorite day of the week. I feel it holds the most promise.

I also believe I have the white granny panties to thank for my boys’ sudden desire to learn how to do their own laundry all the way back in middle school. One look at the granny panties co-mingling with their skivvies in the washing machine sealed the deal. This is a gift from me to you other moms out there. It works. Very well. I know therapy doesn’t come cheap but they can pay for that themselves when they get out of college and get a job.

My girlfriends and I talk about our how our husbands have a true disdain for white granny panties. Once in awhile my husband and I will get into a discussion where I try in vain to find what makes men tick. I know there isn’t a lot of depth to the answer but I ask anyway.

“What is it with you guys and the skimpy panties?”

He’s savvy this time around and appeals to my culinary nature.
“It’s like setting the table. You’re attracted to what’s on the plate if it’s presented more appetizingly.”

Now, I finally get it but what’s ‘on the plate’ is left-overs and it’s been on the menu for over 28 years.
Check, please!

On to…
“The Great White Granny Panties Give-Away”…

Are ya ready????

April’s Fool!
It’s a $20 Nordstrom gift card!

You really didn’t think I’d be giving away white granny panties, did you? 🙂

Leave a comment to enter with an email. Simple. No fuss. Like the panties.

Give-away ends tonight. Midnight. Pacific.

The Give-Away has ended. Thanks for playing along!

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