“Toe Tappin’ Tuesday Tunes” (I totally made that up)

The new Vampire Weekend CD comes out today.
You can listen to it in its entirety here.
And purchase it here.
Makes for a happy Tuesday.

I love their premiere album.

Explicit lyrics and all.


“M79” & “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” ~ Vampire Weekend

The Holiday Blues

B.B. King & Lucille When you have lyrics like… “I haven’t had a drink this evenin’ baby But I’m all lit up like a Christmas tree” & “Gave me a diamond ring for Christmas And now I’m living in paradise” How can anyone possibly have the holiday blues? B.B. is my featured music today. Enjoy. “Merry Christmas, Baby” ~ B.B. King

I Love Bing, Andy and Perry BUT…

I might decorate to Handel’s Massiah… but when the doorbell rings it’s cool yule all the way! Jazz it up! The Three Wise (crackin’) Men of Vegas, baby…Sammy, Dino and Frankincense. Baring gifts of smoke, scotch and mirth. Tickling the ivories.Rasmey Lewis& Beegie AdairShe has others that are great too. My Girl ~ Diana KrallLove the dress, Di.I know, holiday shopping takes so much out of you.Next time leave the heals at home. Ultra Lounge.Ultra Cool. Sexy and smoothWhen sparks… [Read More]

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel…

presenting … The 12 Gays of Christmas I LOVE THIS! … and I am now exhausted.  

Alpert Update

The concert was fantastic.Herb is such a talented jazz performer. I cannot believe he is 74!His style is so distinctive, cool, and clear. Lani’s voice was perfection and the trio of the piano, bass and drum set completed the energy. The arrangements were deep and complex grabbing and pulling you in the first bar. They announced their new CD has been nominated for a Grammy.They certainly deserve it. It was an informal evening where Herb took questions a couple of… [Read More]

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…

Brazilian RhythmsJazz Songs sung in Portuguese Herb Alpert Lani Hall All under one roof.Tonight.I am so excited!Thank you, Santa. “The Christmas Song ~ Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66

Serving Up Some Thanksgiving Music

Because I am an ardent fan of most music genres (I draw the line at heavy metal) I am starting to think about what tunes I will be serving for Thanksgiving. I’ve put together some samples for you to taste. When guests arrive I like to have something upbeat and a sound they might be familiar with so I’m beginning with Vince Guaraldi. We all know Vince’s sound. To me, he is synonymous with autumn and Charlie Brown.I am playing… [Read More]

“Trick or Treeeat”

Trick:“Guess Who?“ The Magic of Intent. I had been looking for this movie still for most of the night when Habitually Chic’s post came through with it displayed.I audibly gasped! Treat: “The Big Heist” ~ Track 11. The Magic of Mancini.Own it and love it.

The Lost Symbol and Personal Commentary

So what do you think? I was completely captivated with the Da Vinci Code but did not read Angels and Demons. However, I did see both movies and although I did enjoy Da Vinci more neither one rocked my world. As they say, I could have waited for the DVD. After being so literature deprived lately, I rushed out on the day The Lost Symbol was released to pick it up. I was so anxious to get another page turner… [Read More]

Welcome To My Virtual Summer Vacation…

“… and I just know we’ll have a good time”. No, my first name ain’t baby. It’s Pink ~ Mrs. Martini if you’re nasty. Jeez, Lady Kate, if you knew your JJ songs you would recognize the above reference to her early 80’s hit ‘Nasty’ where she says – ‘No, my first name ain’t baby. It’s Janet. Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty.’ I know you remember the 80’s although I was a mere child! Admit it! 🙂 Talk to you… [Read More]