LOL Friday!

Who knew frosting could be so funny!

… is a blog where people send in professionally decorated cakes that have ‘gone horribly and hilariously wrong.’ What makes this blog over the top are the witty and sassy comments by Jen, the blog author.

Some fan favorites : “The Flash Drive”;
“Hey Beheh”;
“The Sexual Harrassment Cake”

Thanks to my wonderful niece, Mizz, who has the greatest sense of humor and for knowing I would get such a kick out of this blog.

I offer it to you with suggestions… do not have any food or drink in your mouth when you begin reading.
It is that funny!

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  1. Okay, my co-worker is wondering why I’m crying (with laughter) at my desk. It’s certainly not anything I should be WORKING on.

    My God, I love the uterus Mother’s Day cake.

  2. Those are soooooo funny! Great blog!

  3. Thanks for the best medicine, LOL