Life According To Mitch Robbins

One thing I’ve learned:

I need to stay off the computer when I’m having a bad day.
A couple weeks ago I had one of those ‘procedures’ (hello? 50’s) and between the lingering effects of the anesthesia and severe induced PMS in pill form I went straight into a downward spiral with the worst being last weekend. I have almost fully recovered, am off the temporary meds and am starting to feel like my old self again. Whoever the guest blogger was who wrote such a downer post will not be asked back again! (if you didn’t read it, don’t bother, but it was me).

That was my blog on drugs!

I love my girlie pink-a-licous, sometimes frivolous blog. I love lamenting about the mysteries of life. I will always be out there, honest and open because it’s who I am. I love connecting to this wonderful community (never in question). Eventhough I still don’t know what surprises my life’s transitions hold for me one thing is for certain, I much rather be associated with this quote from another Billy Crystal movie ~

“I’ll have what she’s having.”

“Yes, This Clutter Does Make My Butt Look Fat.”

I am feeling better today. Yesterday was difficult.The reality of no children in the house hit me hard. The transition alone can make one think of their mortality and getting the results of blood work done the week previously didn’t help. Sign me up for anything with a little heart on it that says no trans fat, no sugar, no salt, no taste and no fun. My day began waking from a deep early morning sleep to the phone ringing…. [Read More]

Wordless (sort of) Wednesday…

I found this in a gift shop this past weekend. Was thinking about spicing up the ol’ marriage … “Spice Up Your Life” ~ The Spice Girls

My Mid-Life Crisis…

She’s sexy, fast and shiny and can go from zero to boiling in a matter of minutes. She’s never been test driven and is in her original condition. In fact, I have never actually seen her since once she was delivered and parked in our garage she has never been taken out of the box. She sits on top of the wooden palette longing to come inside. It’s a long and sorted story.One that required a full downstairs remodel to… [Read More]

How Stella Is Losing Her Groove Tonight.

So what is the next project? I feel such a let down today.Son2 gets his wisdom teeth out this Friday so I need to rally and start to get my thoughts organized to take care of him. College boy comes home Saturday for his break between work and school. I must put fresh sheets on his bed and lay out fresh towels and make his favorite foods. Before he even steps foot in the door I start to think of… [Read More]

“To Cheat or Not To Cheat….”

Have you ever wondered if your husband was having an affair? Years ago a friend of mine found out her husband had made reservations in Vegas by the credit card company’s fraud protection department calling the house and asking if anyone had recently used the card since the account had been dormant. ‘Bob’ changed his reservations from Vegas to a local Marriott Residence for several weeks thereafter before groveling his way back home. Then there was ‘N’ who was dutifully… [Read More]

The Homecoming.

I am flying this weekend to New York state with son2 for a college visit to meet with advisors, etc. If the emotions of a college trip aren’t enough, I am filled with a sense of panic since Mr. P. Martini is unable to go and I have to be the grown-up. Never mind I will be traveling with an 18 year-old male who will be living on his own shortly because this does not count to a mother.  … [Read More]

Dancing With The ‘So-Not The Stars’

Tomorrow night my husband and I will attempt to trip the light fantastic at the first in a series of six dance classes. We are not the properly proportioned perfect dance couple at 6’1″ and 5’2″, respectively. The last time we took a structured dance class I made it a forced pre-wedding requirement but I had more to offer in ways of incentives back then. While I was driving to Michael’s today (another post) and thinking about backing out, I… [Read More]