Bitten By The Matt Bites Bug

Even a speeding ticket being clocked at 82 MPH, or so I was told, on Saturday morning couldn’t squelch my enthusiasm to go hear Matt Armendariz, world famous food photographer,  author of and famously nice guy along with his partner, professionally and personally, Adam  Pearson, who is one talented food stylist and nice guy in his own right.

An intimate group met in a photography studio near Venice Beach and listened to Matt and Adam share their mercurial rise to fame without one teaspoon of pretention.  They touched on social media and their travels, the unglamorous event of a photo shoot and showed us some of their work.

I was able to speak with Adam at the break and asked him some questions about my blog and styling cookies which most the time need to be photographed overhead.  He was very complimentary which helped me forget about my little snafu on the north bound 5.  To add insult to injury two days later, I was called up for jury duty – again!  How does this keep happening?

Anyway, both Adam and Matt were very informative and fun to listen to.  I know  from personal experience how it can be challenging at times to work with someone you live with so I loved seeing how these two interacted with one another.  Matt was the self-professed extrovert but Adam chimed in with the best one-liners.  Very subtle.  Very Roger Sterling.  Very funny.

After the morning spent with Matt and Adam and being only five miles from Venice, I decided to slowly drive to a paper/stationery store that I’ve been receiving emails from quite awhile called Urbanic Paper.  It’s a tiny store full of all the things I love – and I love paper like nobody’s business!

Here are a few things I could not leave without. 

stripes1065 copy

You guessed it.  I love stripes and polka dots too.

It was like pulling for a story board.  Inspiration was found at every crackle of a paper bag and cellophane wrapping.  The colors were intoxicating and I couldn’t get enough of them in every texture.  They spoke ‘summer’ to me.

This week I’m designing cookies using some of these influences and I’ll post them later in the week. 

Have a great day!

Lilly Paper Products On Sale

Kate’s Paperie has lots of lovely Lilly paper products on sale and they are going fast! Update: I saw some things were sold out this morning but are available again at this writing (3:00 PM Pacifc) like the notepad and sticky pad set~ $1.63 (was $16.25)“Crabstastic”Was $14.95 Now $7.48

Boatman Geller Tent Sale

Boatman Gellar is having a HUGE tent sale online. These cards are definitely speaking to me! Packs of 50 cards/50 envelopes reduced from $70 to $14. Some of my favs ~ The lobsters were a tad more ~ selling by the pound? 🙂 $20. Happy Hunting!

Flashback Friday!

I saw these on Parcel Post. The blog accompanies a stationery store in Venice, CA that I would love to visit one day. The west side of LA however is like a million miles away from Orange County. Not really actually, but there are no left turn lanes in LA with green arrows! What would I do?!? My nephew who lives in the heart of the city accuses me of not wanting to leave “The OC” for this reason alone.Maybe… [Read More]

Window Shopping For A Friday

It was a little rainy today and I’ve got the sniffles so I thought we could go window shopping together… Let’s go to Jack and Lulu. Every page is a pop of color and pulpy happiness. I must confess to a serious pulp fascination. For one of my ‘dream jobs’, I would own a stationery shoppe ~ with two ‘p’s! I know exactly where I would hang this monogrammed piece in my girlie lavendar office. I think it would go… [Read More]

For The Love of Monograms

Pickard Monogram Williams-Sonoma I don’t need new china but I wouldn’t mind getting my “just dessert(s)” plates. I know. I don’t deserve them after that bad pun. Ahoy! A stowaway tear sheet from my treasure chest of wishful interiors. Tailored navy and white. Can’t you just feel the spray of the ocean on your face? Look familiar? The chair looks soooo much better with my monogram superimposed on it, don’t you think? Thank you Preppy Paper Girl! I love monograms… [Read More]

How Could I Resist?

After all our celebrations last week I have been in an ‘after-parties-let-down funk’ and have resorted to eating mass quantities of dark chocolate and chips and salsa as college boy returned to Boston and the new graduate headed for the hills with his gf’s family to camp. Suddenly, I was faced with my first real taste of the empty nest. I hated it. To trade one vice for the other I crossed over to the dark side of retail therapy… [Read More]

“Here’s to Kate.”

I love vintage cocktail paraphernalia and although these are not vintage they give just the look for a classic cocktail party that I would be looking for. Kate Spade Vintage Cocktail Invitations, $25~ hand engraved~ set of 15~ silver and gold lined envelopes~ please invite responsibly.

Thought For The Day…

“Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you will be a mile away and you will have their shoes.” Walk a Mile flat card – $7.50(10 notecards w/ matching ‘adorable’ envelope) Keep your stride with: “25 Miles” – Edwin Miles