When The Universe Steps In …

Sometimes things just seem to go so right ~One night I was walking in the parking lot of a shopping center where I apparently dropped my keys without knowing it. I was steps away from going inside the store when I heard a car alarm and for some reason I turned around towards the sound. I saw the lights on my car flashing. That’s odd. I looked in my bag for the keys and then I realized I did not have them.

I walked back towards the car to find my keys on the ground in the parking lot where a car had driven over them pressing the panic button and setting off the alarm.

I felt this was divine intervention and I was left completely dumbfounded as I realized someone could have picked them up, pressed the door unlock button to see where my car was and have driven off in it.

What were the chances a car driving by would hit that tiny key before I walked into the store and what made me turn around and look? It still amazes me to this day.

I thanked the heavens and continued with my shopping. That, however was not a miracle.