A Pink and Green Wedding

Thought I’d share some pink and green wedding photos since it is
Pink and Green Thursday afterall. 🙂

Just so lovely and understated ~

Just a blush of color with wispy grasses and ferns ~

Just to welcome you to a very special weekend ~

Just a sparkle of a tennis bracelet ~

Just soft glow of candle light ~

Just perfect.

Terivs Tumblers and Scout Bags Team Up!

Totable Tumblers are here! Tervis Tumblers (my fav glass du jour, filled to the brim with ice every du jour) has been paired up with Scout totes. The insulated tumblers are pink patterned on the outside and green patterned on the inside. If you click on to the site you’ll be able to see a close up that I wasn’t able to upload. Now the only question is… Large Tumbler Tote ($75)or Small Tumbler Tote($35) Love them both!

Sugar Daddy Ken

The Real Mattel Deal. Part of the Palm Beach Barbie in~crowd. West Highland Terrier included. The official name of the doll is Sugar’s Daddy Ken. Sugar, being the terrier but people are calling him “Sugar Daddy Ken.”There is also another controversy.Some think Ken is clearly a Palm Springs Ken.I concur. Naturally, Ken would not be seen without seasonal accoutrements ~ swim trucks, non-glare broad spectrum UV blocking shades, sandals, SPF 30 sunscreen and designer bottled artesian water. Surprisingly, there is… [Read More]

The Evolution Of My Organized Life Through Desk Calendars

I love desk calendars and organizers and I believe a choice of one can be very insightful to where we are in our lives. My first one was the Sierra Club Engagement Calendar week-at-a-glance. ($13.95) I was young and green. Every week was an inspiring, beautiful picture. There were some off years that weren’t note worthy.I was in the ad business and proving myself. A Day Timer here, a Filofax there. Very professional. Very official. Very boring. Soon thereafter I… [Read More]

Not A Cloud In The Sky….

… but these make me wish there was! “It’s raining… it’s pouring…” I think our ‘rain season’ (a week’s worth spaced over 3 months) is quickly coming to an end but these are so darned cute!To be honest, I wouldn’t even know how to wear them, but I love ’em! I just received my L.L. Bean catalog for women and they are featuring many preppy, east coast flavor, nautical, pink and green items.So fun to armchair shop! Music to splash… [Read More]