My Personal Rainbow

  I wanted to share with you my personal rainbow that I captured in Yellowstone. It appeared a few yards from us after we got stuck walking on the boardwalk during a lightening storm. No digital camera or Photoshop back then just an incredible moment that left me awestruck and feeling very lucky.Hope good luck finds you today!

Tory Burch Shakes It Up

I’ve been up since 4:04 AM with our latest EQ. We have double doors into our bedroom and one side was fastened. The door started rattling in quick rhythms but other than this we didn’t feel any shaking. It was kind of strange. No damage or injuries but they are telling south landers to have shoes ready by the bed as this could be a precursor. I don’t, but I should. I was all set to share these new Tory… [Read More]

What Is Catching Your Eye?

  Marc Jacobs paired with pink and green macaroons. Irresistible.Cosmetics with a cause. I’m gaga over this shade. M.A.C. Viva Glam VII benefits M.A.C. Aids Fund in Viva Glam Gaga. $14 Very Hollywood. Very Michael.Michael Kors for Estee Lauger in Bungalow Pink. $18 “Please officer, cuff me.”Michael Kors Rhodium Cuff $125 Everything looks better in rose colored glasses, if even just on the rims.Betsy Johnson Retro Leopard $65 Hope your outlook today is from rose colored glasses too! What is… [Read More]

The Revenge Of The Princess

I came across this graphic and just loved it so I thought I would write a post around it.It reminds me of the line about kissing a few frogs before you find your prince. What is your favorite frog story? Shy? Okay I’ll go first… My first boyfriend in high school kept calling me by his old girlfriend’s name as our names were very similar. This was so painful to me. I was always in constant fear he would go… [Read More]

Happy Chinese New Year!

I have been a part-time student of Feng Shui for over 10 years. At my last count I owned over 25 books on the subject. What draws me into the philosophy, art, science or practice is striving for the delicate balance of energy. I feel the majority of us are sensitive to energy. I know I am. I’m also a tad superstitious and like to feel I have some control over my surroundings so this exotic mentality is highly appealing…. [Read More]

Beverly Hills 90064?

hollywood cookies

This week we went to a reception of the SoCal Alumni Assoc. of MIT at the Beverly Hills Country Club. Aside from the fact we were going to be able to meet the President of the school, Dr. Susan Hockfield, and wishing to extend our sincere appreciation for all our son has gleaned from drinking out of the firehose during these past four years, I was looking forward to stepping into the BHCC. I expected opulence, nouveau riche a la… [Read More]

Window Shopping For A Friday

It was a little rainy today and I’ve got the sniffles so I thought we could go window shopping together… Let’s go to Jack and Lulu. Every page is a pop of color and pulpy happiness. I must confess to a serious pulp fascination. For one of my ‘dream jobs’, I would own a stationery shoppe ~ with two ‘p’s! I know exactly where I would hang this monogrammed piece in my girlie lavendar office. I think it would go… [Read More]

Are You A Mac or A PC?

Mr. P. M. and I were at the mall in the new Microsoft store. There are only 2 in the U.S. As far as I know, they may also be the only two in the galaxy. Why one happens to be in my mall, I couldn’t guess. I would think Mission Viejo would be way down on the list of cosmopolitan places they could have chosen. I would love to see the research on this decision.Anyway, I have been looking… [Read More]

He’s Got My Vote!

Holy Moly! Looks like Massachusetts became a red state Tuesday night.A red HOT state! And they’re talking about this guy’s truck??(insert obvious manual transmission or stimulus package joke here) Unfortunately, I was only enlightened yesterday or I would have taken more interest in his senatorial race.*sigh* I love politics. So what if this spread is from 1982?Thank you Lady Kate for sending this to me.Really. Thank you.(But I did add the star. A great. big. star.) The Cookie of The… [Read More]

Not “The Big One” but …

…big enough!I am sitting here on my (black and white) laptop because I drank Mr. Pipp at 8 PM and I haven’t gone to bed yet. It is now 4:10 AM and we just had an earthquake. It was the kind I hate – a hard fast jolt that makes the house sound as if it could come down at any moment. No swaying of chandliers or roller coaster rides just sudden and harsh, the kind that tends to really… [Read More]