Blogging Questions This Inquiring Mind Wants To Know

Hi all.I’ve got some questions for you and I’d love to hear your comments and get your insights on a few or all of them.

On your own blog, would you rather see the icons and faces of followers in the box (it’s always nice to know we’re not alone) or are you just as happy with subscribers through an email feed or reader page who are not visible for display?

I’m wondering why on some of the blogs I follow my little pink umbrella icon shows up and on others I am the silhouette face with part of my personal email prefix? Does this make sense to anyone? Ugh. I promise you if I am commenting on your blog I am a follower although you might not see my pink umbrella! Does this matter in the scheme of things?

Someone emailed me and asked what my subjects were for August.
I thought that was a very interesting concept. Do you plan ahead?
I admit I do not but this has given me something to consider.

What are the benefits to Word Press and how is it different from Blogger?

Do you feel your blog actually benefits from Face Book and Twitter?
Please tell me no but also tell me the truth if you feels it has. 😉

Thanks for your comments. I’m really interested in your opinions. 🙂

Have a great day today!


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