My Sweet Honeybaked Hamm….

Never mess with perfection.Never. Ever. … and if you need a second helping of Hamm on your plate this weekend….. The three season’s soundtracks are awesome. Leaving you with a pleasant thought for the weekend. 🙂Have a good one, my friends. Music tracks from Season 1 “Babylon” and “Lipstick”~ David Carbonara

Book Report Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story

I have finished Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story. It was not what I was expecting. It was much better! Yes, they apparently did have a loving, physical relationship and were relatively open about it. The press corps of the 60’s were very different and little information would be considered mainstream like we know of things today. Every fact was quoted by name and cited. Footnotes and citations at the back of the book were extensive. I think readers might… [Read More]


I loved having this in my nest for the last couple of weeks ~ Now it looks like this ~ * sigh* I need to find something to fill it. After the holidays and paying two college tuitions by the end of the year, there is less padding in the nest, that’s for sure ~ I’m not picky though. I like shiny things too. “Here goosey, goosey, goosey!”~ But what is good for the goose, is good for the gander,… [Read More]

Elsa Peretti Letter Pendants

Oh, how do I love thee? Tiffany silver. Lower case initials. $165 Start hinting now for … … and is it just me that has a problem with the Tiffany chain getting tangled in hair?The price of feeling fabulous. So worth it. “Moon River” ~ sung by, Audrey Hepburn

The Rose Parade And Me

1975. Miss MyHomeTown, USA and our city float. My Rose Parade day began New Year’s Eve at 7 PM for preliminary judging. I arrived at the float building tent in full costume that had been rented from The Western Costume Co. in Hollywood. I took my place on top of the float and depicted the scene of the artist’s rendering. On Dec. 26th the float decorating had begun. For the past 4 years I had been a volunteer with my… [Read More]

…And On The Seventh Day…

Today is my crash day. Yesterday would have been but an English breakfast with kippers awaited us in Pasadena with my brother’s family and their new in-law additions from the marital acquisitions this past summer. It is nice having 2 permanent additions to the Mac clan. A lovely sight for our family. The day after Christmas was delightful, the kippers, even the water retention from the sodium overload and the riveting game of Cranium. Nothing like seeing my eldest very… [Read More]

Christmas Around The Casa

2009 Snowflakes I adore silver dragees. The Eastern sun was shining through our banner reminding me of a stained glass window.   Silver dragees for each of my red doors. Pearls lights surround my entry mirror, pink and silver balls nestle in a bowl, crystal drips from frosty branches and candles warm my entry. Starting to set up my bar.  Very retro. HoHoHo…

…And a Partridge In A Pear Tree

One bird flew back into the nest late last night after finishing his finals early on the quarter system. We went to the In n’ Out drive-thru on the way home. “One animal style, 1 plain cheese burger, 1 medium lemonade, please.” “Yes, that will be inhaled in the car before we leave the drive-thru lane.” I have never heard anyone moan while eating a burger before.

What Were The Target Buyers Thinking?

Men’s Boxers Special music today for this little nugget… “Squirrel Nut Zippers” sorry, I could not resist. my sophomoric humor runs amok~ 😉

I Love Bing, Andy and Perry BUT…

I might decorate to Handel’s Massiah… but when the doorbell rings it’s cool yule all the way! Jazz it up! The Three Wise (crackin’) Men of Vegas, baby…Sammy, Dino and Frankincense. Baring gifts of smoke, scotch and mirth. Tickling the ivories.Rasmey Lewis& Beegie AdairShe has others that are great too. My Girl ~ Diana KrallLove the dress, Di.I know, holiday shopping takes so much out of you.Next time leave the heals at home. Ultra Lounge.Ultra Cool. Sexy and smoothWhen sparks… [Read More]