Cookies For The Congressman

I’m happy to be of service to my country.

Republican Elephant Decorated Cookies

If just to contribute to a Congressional staff’s retreat dinner’s dessert.
Republican Elephant Decorated Cookies
I wonder if the differences in Congress could be discussed more pleasantly over a plate of cookies and milk. Just a thought. 🙂

He’s Got My Vote!

Holy Moly! Looks like Massachusetts became a red state Tuesday night.A red HOT state! And they’re talking about this guy’s truck??(insert obvious manual transmission or stimulus package joke here) Unfortunately, I was only enlightened yesterday or I would have taken more interest in his senatorial race.*sigh* I love politics. So what if this spread is from 1982?Thank you Lady Kate for sending this to me.Really. Thank you.(But I did add the star. A great. big. star.) The Cookie of The… [Read More]