The Evil Eye Cuff

I’ve decided to forgive Tory Burch for my wedge fiasco because of this ~

Tory Burch Evil Eye Cuff

I have a friend who strongly believes in the protection of the evil eye.
She wears them daily and has had 2 charms that have spontaneously burst. She is convinced when they block the negative energy this is what happens to them then it’s time to get a replacement but I have to say, no one could ever send bad energy her way because she is so wonderful. I think the breakage must have been from the compressions of hugging others so much. 🙂

Do you believe in the power of the evil eye or have a talisman, amulet or charm of your own?

Tory Burch Gave Me A Wedgie!

I was tired of flats and being vertically challenged. So I bought what I thought might be my solution this season. I decided to take them out for their premier last night to a lovely party among my friends most of whom are taller than my 5’3″. I took them out of the box, admired them and slipped them on my feet and instantly enjoyed my higher elevation. I walked to my car in the garage. I stepped of out… [Read More]

Tory Burch Shakes It Up

I’ve been up since 4:04 AM with our latest EQ. We have double doors into our bedroom and one side was fastened. The door started rattling in quick rhythms but other than this we didn’t feel any shaking. It was kind of strange. No damage or injuries but they are telling south landers to have shoes ready by the bed as this could be a precursor. I don’t, but I should. I was all set to share these new Tory… [Read More]