My Tickled Pink and Green With Envy Thursday

Green with envy ~
My bestie is meeting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tomorrow in LA.
Although she has met the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh it doesn’t compare to the excitement she’s feeling to meet the newlyweds.
She was given her “instructions” as to how to greet William and Kate ~

“…when you first meet the Duke and Duchess you should refer to each as “your royal highness” or if they are both together “your royal highnesses.” If you are then talking to them a second time that evening, you would refer each as Sir or Ma’am.

In my American way, I do believe calling someone almost young enough to be my child “Sir” or “Ma’am” would prove challenging but I wouldn’t be surprised if William and Kate would say, “Just call us William and Catherine.”

Being the bracelet lover I am, I told my friend to be on the lookout for this little number ~

The charm bracelet
reportedly given to her by Camilla with Kate’s script “C” wearing a crown and Camilla’s “C” monogram on the flip side encased in a circle also wearing a crown.
Perfect on all fronts ~a charm bracelet, a monogram and a crown.

Tickled Pink ~

I am thrilled for my friend and I can’t wait for the recap!
She’ll be writing a guest post so we can all know what is was like meeting William and Kate.

Derby Day Bracelets

I do love a reason to acquire a new bracelet. My credit card is running for the roses this week! I recently brought Janna Conner up to post position.Here’s another winner to cross the finish line. Lauren G. Adams is once again on the inside track with her enamel and stirrup charm bangle. Odds on favorite is always Ralph Lauren with something classic yet edgy. Giddy Up!

“It’s A Fact, The Lady’s Stacked…”

…”ain’t holding nothing back.” Elizabeth Showers Lauren G. Adams at Max & Chloe “I’m Just A Girl Who Can’t Say No” … to Kenneth J. Lang Have a beautifully stunning day.

Nutty For Nautical

I’m desperately in need for some nautical retail therapy.I’ve sailed the seven seas of the internet for something new. It’s spring, so time to check in with Stubbs and Wootton for whimsy. They’ve dramatically changed their website design! Very nice. Love the nautical looks they’ve got going on this season. Pearl clusters. How did that get in there? They found my Achilles’ heel. Shoe joke. Imagine these Janna Conner bangles on your wrist just peeking out from the rolled up… [Read More]

J. Crew Pave Linked Bracelet

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you know bracelets are a passion of mine. Unfortunately, I can’t say no very easily. My friend found this pave linked bracelet on J. Crew. She is what I would call my ‘jewelry enabler’. And I love her for that.

J. Crew Cuff Love

Hello. My name is Ms. Pink Martinis and Pearls and I have a huge problem. Bracelets. Especially cuffs. Oh my! Someone, please stop me!(but don’t try too hard.) How pretty would either of these be with my J. Crew black metallic scarf I bought yesterday and the white one with a soft tarnished-look silver threading I’m going back to get today? Okay. Maybe I have another problem since NYC. Scarfs. But aren’t problems more fun in pairs? I think so…. [Read More]

Henri Bendel et al

Shopping in NYC? But of course!I had three stores on my list: Henri Bendel. I had no idea such an exquisite jewel box of a place awaited me!I was only able to visit the first floor for less than 20 minutes but I coveted practically all I could see and my eye went to this set of three bangles. I love subtly.Can you see what makes it so special?The brown Bendel stripe in the middle of the crystal.What a lovely… [Read More]

The Evil Eye Cuff

I’ve decided to forgive Tory Burch for my wedge fiasco because of this ~ Tory Burch Evil Eye Cuff I have a friend who strongly believes in the protection of the evil eye.She wears them daily and has had 2 charms that have spontaneously burst. She is convinced when they block the negative energy this is what happens to them then it’s time to get a replacement but I have to say, no one could ever send bad energy her… [Read More]

Dazzling and Divine!

I cannot tell you how spectacular, substantial and stunning this CZ cuff is! And yesterday it became mine! Thought perhaps you’d want it to be yours too! Truly dazzling & going fast! HSN ~ Couture Jewelry by Adrienne 229.90ct Diamonite CZ “Opera” 7-1/4″ Bangle Bracelet Item: 382-649 Regular price – $199.95 Sale price – $59.97 (70% off) “Twinkle In Her Eye” ~ Leanne Rimes

J. Crew

Because one new bracelet is never enough. This one is gorgeous. Trust me.$78 Have a sparkling weekend!I’m heading up the coast and plan on having one myself. 🙂 Ai No Corrida ~ Quincy Jones Don’t you just love ‘Q’? I do!