Derby Day Bracelets

I do love a reason to acquire a new bracelet.

My credit card is running for the roses this week!

I recently brought Janna Conner up to post position.
Here’s another winner to cross the finish line.

Lauren G. Adams is once again on the inside track with her enamel and stirrup charm bangle.

Odds on favorite is always Ralph Lauren with something classic yet edgy.

Giddy Up!

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  1. Very cute – but not on my budget. I was once in Louisvile for a forensic conference, just a week before the Derby, staying at the elegant Brown Hotel. I had never had a mint julep before, in spite of being a Southern belle and I certainly made up for it that week. Our nurse group even made it to Churchill Downs to have one there. We went back a couple of times more for additional conferences. Louisville, with its very progressive medical examiner, George Nichols, was a mecca for the forensic sciences!

  2. Love the second one! So cute!

  3. LOVE them all but especially the Janna Conner and RL ones! Going to go check out the Janna Conner ones now..thanks for post….I think I may just treat myself to one of these cute little bracelets if they aren’t too crazy.

  4. Love the bracelets.

  5. Love these. Buuuuut – I’m on a shopping hiatus, as well as weight watchers. I guess this just might do me in. 😉 XOXO

  6. SOOO cute!!! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I adore those bangles! So cute!


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