Nutty For Nautical

I’m desperately in need for some nautical retail therapy.I’ve sailed the seven seas of the internet for something new.

It’s spring, so time to check in with Stubbs and Wootton for whimsy.
They’ve dramatically changed their website design! Very nice.

Love the nautical looks they’ve got going on this season.

Pearl clusters. How did that get in there?
They found my Achilles’ heel. Shoe joke.

Imagine these Janna Conner bangles on your wrist just peeking out from the rolled up cuff on your crisp white cotton shirt.
Soft balmy sea breezes, optional.

I’ve already been thinking about summer and I’m not opposed to a stay-cation but with a slight change of scenery.
I’m craving a beach house if only for a week on Balboa Island.

Balboa is not for the claustrophobic as tiny 1920’s and 30’s bungalows mix with newly constructed multi-storied homes built on the bungalow lots. These homes line narrow one-way streets and have a quaint charm with banners and flags flying and are steps away from the harbor with a walking path that circles the island.

Have you thought about summer yet?
What are your plans?