Another Round of Margarita Cookies

decorated margarita cookies

A sweet gal emailed me after seeing my margarita cookies and wondered if I would make them for a party she was giving to honor her mom on her 50th birthday. I thought her thoughtfulness and love for her mom was so sweet that I told her I’d be happy to RSVP with my cookies. The regular and strawberry margarita cookies would be served. I wrote a post on how to decorate margarita cookies but this time I made the… [Read More]

Everything’s Coming Up Flower Cookie Pops

  When I was asked to make cookies for an exhibitor at a landscape trade show I immediately thought flowers would be a natural tie in. The “Vegas” theme of the show would play a part too. I thought cookies would be a unique and fun give-away gift and I could also utilize them in containers for the table decoration. I learned that at a trade show such as this the objective is to get people to visit your booth… [Read More]

Decorated Margarita Cookies!

decorated margarita cookies

They’re not just for Cinco de Mayo anymore. Do you like traditional margaritas or strawberry?Let’s start with the cookie garnishes for margaritas. I wanted to have a little sparkle. What better place than on the garnish?Strawberries! I used a small strawberry cutter then iced the cookies in red. While the icing was still wet I covered them with Dicso Dust in Strawberry.You must cover them completely to get this effect. The random sprinkle will look like a random sprinkle. No… [Read More]

Decorated Baby Bunny Cookies

decorated baby bunny cookies

These baby bunny cookies are some of my favorites and I made them again this year for clients and friends. I received some emails asking questions so I’m happy to show you how to make them! What You’ll Need: Batch o’ Bunny Cookies (Sugar Cookie Recipe) or see recipes at the end of the post Royal Icing Recipe Pearl Dragees (tail) Assorted Small Pink Dragees (eyes) or use icing #2 Plain Round Decorating Tip/Coupler (optional) Decorating Bag or Parchment Cone… [Read More]

Stamping On A Wedding Cookie

wedding cake cookie favors

I promise soon I’ll have a post that isn’t cookie related but it’s been my world for the last few weeks.A few weeks ago I was in Paper Source with a friend where I found this stamp and immediately fell in love with the saying and font. I had to have it! I knew it would be perfect for wedding cookies! Why couldn’t I stamp a cookie? I’ve never seen a stamped cookie before but it became my quest to… [Read More]

How To Make Glass Heart Cookies

glass heart cookie West Elm valentine cookie decorating workshop-5882

That’s what I call these cookies that have a melted hard candy center. I make them every year but this time I’m going to show you how to make them too. You’ll need cinnamon candies or red lollipops or Life Savors. Any hard candy that is red. Pulverize the candy to a powder. I use my Cuisinart Mini Mate Chopper. It does a fabulous job in a few pulses. Spoon the candy powder into a cutout space you’ve made in… [Read More]

Cookie Decorating Tip: Straight Lines

This past weekend I was making some sample Valentine’s Day cookies and I needed very straight lines to create a dotted Swiss look. First, I thought to use a ruler marking the cookie with an edible pen but using a ruler is cumbersome and I didn’t want hard contact on the cookie. I decided to place a string over the cookie and secure the ends with tape on my pastry board. The string acted as my guideline. For every new… [Read More]

Perfect Consistency Royal Icing Recipe!

Base Royal Icing:1 lb. Powdered Sugar (does not need to be sifted)3 Tbl. Meringue Powder6 Tbl. Hot Water (from tap is fine) Adding 1/2 teaspoon of light corn syrup per batch is optional. It does give your dried icing a nice sheen but it will also yield a slight softer icing which sometimes I prefer when I’m not needing a really stiff icing for making additional decorations such as flowers. The corn syrup also gives any string work or outline… [Read More]