Confessions Of An Easter Bunny Cookie.

decorated easter bunny cookies
“I have to admit it. I’ve had a little work done.””You can’t expect a girl to look this good without a little help, can you?””Sometimes I get a little, puffy, shall we say, and I need a touch of microdermabrasion.””A microplane takes care of that right away with no down time!”

“I love my little round turned up nose, don’t you?”

“I’ve been told my little twitch makes the boys’ ears stand straight up,
but I wouldn’t know about that!”

“I’m thankful for being naturally blessed with a full, fluffy tail not unlike my make-up artist.”

“I happen to know she wishes hers was made from coconut too and not from over indulgences of chips and salsa.”

“Uh oh. She just told me to mind my own business.”

“Artists can be so touchy.”

“Being seen without my lashes? Sacrilege!”

“No matter how sweet and cute I am.”

“My shade of choice for a pedi is Soft Pink by AmeriColor. It looks good on everyone.”

“I can never quite decide….”

decorated easter bunny cookies
“Is there a price to pay for looking too alluring?”

“Oops. I guess so!”

“Ready for the hunt.”


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decorated bunny cookie

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decorated bunny cookies

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