Baby Blue and White Balloon Cookies with a Washi Tape DIY –Part Deux

white balloon baby birthday cookies-169

If you read my previous post about the white balloon cookies, you saw simple and elegant white balloons where the lollipop sticks were wrapped in washi tape and tied with kitchen twine around the neck of the balloon cookie.

Since I had extra dough, I decided to decorate a few more cookies for fun.  This little cutie pie on the invitation is my great-nephew, Daniel.

white balloon baby birthday cookies-167

Pearlized baby blue dragees made their appearance onto the cookie.  Such a sweet look.  I also used pearlized silver heart confetti by Wilton.  So soft and shimmery.

white balloon baby birthday cookies-165

To continue the theme of using blue and white washi tape, making a little notched flag was as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

white balloon baby birthday cookies-164

white balloon baby birthday cookies-166

white balloon baby birthday cookies-169

Just a variation on a sweet theme.

Part Une – White Balloon Cookies and Washi tape DIY

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