The Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini, Baileys Irish Cream Martini

This cocktail is absolutely delicious and very special. It’s made with Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua, Frangelico and double espresso vodka.  I don’t know what it is about it but it’s hard to resist after dinner.

Did I say dinner? Don’t feel you have to limit yourself. I’ve been known to split one with a friend after lunch. The thing is, we then order another one to split. I know the math. What can I say?

It’s goes down like silk then gives you a kick in the pants with the double espresso vodka. I love it! I think you will too.

Use it for good…

Espresso Martinis, Baileys Irsh Cream Cocktail

…or for a good time.

Espresso Martinis, Baileys irish Cream Martini

I recommend – Vincent Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka

Espresso Martinis, Vincent Van Gosh Double Espresso Vodka

Espresso Martinis 96t

Espresso Martinis 09t

Espresso Martinis 11t

Espresso Martinis 02t

Espresso Martinis 28t




Festive Holiday Cocktails

Entertaining for the holidays is a perfect time for signature cocktails. Here are a couple of recipes for variations on pomegranate martinis that are red in color. Red, being the key to complement a special decorative rim of flaked coconut that gives the cocktail glass the look of Santa’s hat or a snowy touch. It’s a festive look to serve up some holiday spirit with your … spirits. Things needed to make the decorative snowy coconut rim: 3 Tablespoons powdered… [Read More]

Halloween Cocktail Time!

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Eggnog Martini

While ‘researching’ cocktails for Christmas I came across this recipe for an Eggnog Martini. Eggnog never looked so good as in a martini glass! It’s a fun change from the typical eggnog and rum concoction placed in a mug or punch cup. Eggnog Martini ~ 2 cups store-bought eggnog2 cups amaretto liqueur2 cups vodkagingersnap cookiesground cinnamonground nutmeg Combine the eggnog, amaretto and vodka in a pitcher and chill at least 30 minutes.Crush gingersnaps in a food processor until they almost… [Read More]

Red, White & Blue “Cocktail Of The Month”

Today is cocktail day!The things I do for my readers! (Thank you!!) In planning for our July 4th party I came across this cranberry martini recipe that uses Pop Rocks for the garnish around the rim. What a fun idea ~ fireworks in your mouth! Boston Pops Martini Lime WedgePackage of Cherry Pop Rocks Candy2 1/2 oz. Cranberry Vodka1/2 oz. Blue CuracaoSplash of Lemon-Lime Soda Take the lime wedge or Rose’s Lime Juice and run it around the glass rim…. [Read More]

The Perfect Mint Julep

Recipe courtesy of Henry Watterson, a newspaper man from Kentucky ~ “Pluck the mint gently from its bed, just as the dew of the evening is about to form upon it. Select the choicer sprigs only, but do not rinse them. Prepare the simple syrup and measure out a half-tumbler of whiskey. Pour the whiskey into a well-frosted silver cup, throw the other ingredients away and drink the whiskey.” Or… Mint Julep Recipe: 1.Freeze your glass or metal mug well… [Read More]

Cocktail of The Month – “Pink Squirrel Martini”

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Bailey’s Irish Coffee Martini

Top o’ The Morning To You! Some misinformed souls might think they can’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day because they don’t have an ounce o’ Irish blood in them. Wrong! After a couple of these Irish Coffee Martinis you’ll be Irish o’ Plenty. Just make sure it’s under .08% and you give the keys to someone else ‘cuz spending the night in the Paddy Wagon is not Irish! From Baileys ~ Baileys Irish Coffee Martini 3 1/2 oz. Baileys Irish cream… [Read More]

Cocktail(s) of The Month – February

A classic way to begin the evening is with champagne perhaps with a blush of Pom liqueur or Cassis with two raspberries swimming in the bottom of the glass or try something different. A Valentine Aperitif ~ A Touch of Venus Refreshing, light, would also look nice with a strawberry on the rim. Ingredients: 3 oz. dry white wine 1 oz. Limoncello (sweet lemon liqueur, I keep it in the freezer-yum!) 1/2 tsp. amaretto 1/2 tsp. fresh lemon juice Lemon… [Read More]