Seattle (Macaron) Space Needle Cupcake Topper

space needle285 copy

This past weekend my family had two occasions to celebrate so I decided the requested chocolate cake would incorporate both upcoming events – a Valentine’s Day birthday of my brother and the departure of my nephew, his wife, and baby-to-be who leave this week to make Seattle their new home.

When I thought of Seattle, it was obvious to me what I had to make – the space needle!

 Seattle Space Needle Macaron 274 copy

I made a batch of lemon macarons without color tinting for half of a cookie to be placed  on top of the support base I made out of gum paste.  The remaining macarons I filled with Italian meringue buttercream laced with lemon curd made from the Meyer lemons from my nephew’s tree.  It was quite a project for the one little cookie half I needed.  And yes, I tried a full macron but it looked like a Big Mac sitting up there.

For the flagpole, I coated a strand of spaghetti with royal icing and attached a gum paste flag I made with a red royal icing heart.

Seattle Space Needle Macaron

My intension was to make enough towers for all the cupcakes.  After making one tower I decided to make a cake instead with one tower!

Something else reminded me of Seattle – coffee beans.  I found chocolate in the shape of coffee beans that were perfect to be placed on rosettes around the edge of the cake.  Since we were celebrating a Valentine’s birthday, I added hearts along with pink chocolate curls.

cake273 copy

Come a baby in July, ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ is going to have a whole new meaning! 

Seattle Space Needle Macaron


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