Decorated Wedding Cookies – Part 2

The wedding cookie samples are finished!I started with a batch of plain cookies not knowing where they were going to take me.I usually have designs in my head but yesterday I had none, nada, zilch. I let the bride’s colors guide me – pink, green and black.Light pink roses and lots of greenery to be specific. The wedding cake will be white with pink roses and with black bands of icing around the bottom of each tier. Jennifer, the bride,… [Read More]

Embossed Fondant Wedding Cookies – Part 1

  Today I’m working on my second batch of prototype wedding cookies for my niece’s May wedding. While I was looking for a different cutter to use, I came across this kit of a 3-tierd square shaped cake and 3 embossing sheets to use with rolled fondant. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them!The kit is called Cookie Cutter Texture Set by Autumn Carpenter. There are also some informative video tutorials on the website which I found while… [Read More]

Stamping On A Wedding Cookie

I promise soon I’ll have a post that isn’t cookie related but it’s been my world for the last few weeks.A few weeks ago I was in Paper Source with a friend where I found this stamp and immediately fell in love with the saying and font. I had to have it! I knew it would be perfect for wedding cookies! Why couldn’t I stamp a cookie? I’ve never seen a stamped cookie before but it became my quest to… [Read More]

Nautical Wedding Part III

Marianne’s photographer was also her friend and completely captured the twinkle in her eye and her playful personality. Her pictures are so beautiful and need no introduction or commentary, mine, on the other hand, need all the help they can get as you’ll be able to see at the bottom of this post. :)Beautiful photos by Brittany Dow Photography Now my photos. Brittany has no worries. These are mostly for family but I thought I’d share… “The bride and groom’s… [Read More]

Nautical Wedding Cookies

The big day came and went this weekend for my niece’s wedding and it was a wonderful day.My gift to her was making 160 decorated cookies with her nautical theme utilizing the affectionate term ‘soul mateys’. I modified my original design of stenciling ‘soul mateys’ on the cookie and decided on two cute hearts incorporating the ‘soul mateys’ on a tag instead.For the last two weeks and as far as the eye could see, my horizon has been filled with… [Read More]

Just Icing On The … Wedding Cookie Favors!

Say hello to my little friends… …and to 125 of their closest friends. Ta-da! Fini! … and a HUGE Thank you to my wonderful friend and expert cello bag stuffer, Suzi who single handedly assembled the cookie favors for me over 2 nights with many, many hours devoted to this while I glued together the rosettes. This took us much longer than we had expected even with the ribbon already cut and most of the bags pre-stuffed with paper. I… [Read More]

Weekend Update #2 – Wedding Table Settings

After the villa, it was on to another Martha project my niece is incorporating into the table decorations. It’s a is a grid of ribbon surrounding the table’s cake. Each table will have it’s own mini wedding cake as I posted about last week. They will sit on a yellow wooden square bordered by the ribbons.Since we had the bride for the morning, I asked my s.i.l. if we could get the same sized table and do a mock up… [Read More]

Wedding Cookies.

The bride has a distinct vision of what she doesn’t want ~ ‘no bows, hearts or bells.’ ‘Nothing wedding-y.’ She envisions a party atmosphere casually and comfortably celebrating with those she loves. Her vivid colors of orange and yellow will be paired with round and square shapes that will be echoed in the cakes that will grace everyone’s table. Her highly talented aunt on the other side of the family has offered her gifts with icing and fondant. They will… [Read More]