Decorated Wedding Cookies – Part 2

The wedding cookie samples are finished!
I started with a batch of plain cookies not knowing where they were going to take me.
I usually have designs in my head but yesterday I had none, nada, zilch.

I let the bride’s colors guide me – pink, green and black.
Light pink roses and lots of greenery to be specific.

The wedding cake will be white with pink roses and with black bands of icing around the bottom of each tier.

Jennifer, the bride, can pick whatever decoration or design she likes from any of the cookies for her wedding favors and I’ll combine those elements for her custom designed cookie.
I can’t wait to see what she likes.
I can’t wait to see what you like! 🙂

I added pearlized powder and disco dust to the cookies after taking the photos because sparkle tends to take on a life of its own which ordinarily in my world would be a good thing but my camera doesn’t seem to think so.

In Part 1 I showed you 3 embossed fondant designs I was adding to my samples.
They were a good jumping off point to get my creative mojo flowing.

I started with this design and had no idea what I was going to do with it.
I played around with different dragees and decided on the pink pearls then started adding design here and there and it actually evolved into one of my favorites.
Fondant base with royal icing decorations and pink pearl dragees.

A classic shape with raised roses and green vines.
Royal icing base and decorations.

Changing it up a little with bright pink hearts and pink pearls.
Fondant base with royal icing hearts and pink pearl dragees.

Soft and sweet with swirly roses.
Royal icing base and decorations.


I learned rubber stamping doesn’t work as well in soft fondant.
I should have let it hardened but this is how one learns. The fondant dries hard. This piece doesn’t even have a cookie under it.
Fondant base with royal icing decorations and black dragees.

With a little more detail…
Sometimes it’s just a little detail that makes a difference.


By the time I got to the black icing it wasn’t stiff enough to make stand up bows like I had wanted but Jennifer will get the general idea and the flush bows are also a nice look.
Of course, the last bow I made was my best. 🙂
Royal icing base and decorations with white pearl dragees.

On my last cookie to decorate in this batch I decided to go with something unexpected ~ a vibrant pink base with black accents. Something a little different along side the traditional white cookies.
Royal icing base and decorations. Rubber stamping.

I’ll have to perfect my ink application to the stamp.

I made these last 3 cookies over 6 weeks ago!
They still look as fresh as when I made them, don’t you think?
I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. 😉
Royal icing base and decorations.




Now the really fun part… sizzle pack and ribbon!
I am always a very happy cookie packager. 🙂

I wonder what she’ll decide.
I have a feeling she’ll go with a few different designs which will be a lot of fun at the tables. Guests can compare cookies while waiting for the newly married couple to make their grand entrance. 🙂

Amore. *sigh*


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