Wedding Decorations Dress Rehearsal…

Just a quick update on the decorations dress rehearsal…
I chose from stacks and stacks of paper rosettes I made and brought one set to play with for the prototype.This is what I decided on. The additional larger sizes worked out great. I will flip the tails of the ribbons over to hang on the right side. These will go on 12 interior doors of the ballroom.

The groom-to-be approving one of the two entry doors to the villa.
Today (since it’s 3 AM) is set-up then we’re off to the races!


Weekend Update #2 – Wedding Table Settings

After the villa, it was on to another Martha project my niece is incorporating into the table decorations. It’s a is a grid of ribbon surrounding the table’s cake. Each table will have it’s own mini wedding cake as I posted about last week. They will sit on a yellow wooden square bordered by the ribbons.Since we had the bride for the morning, I asked my s.i.l. if we could get the same sized table and do a mock up… [Read More]

Weekend Update #1 – Wedding Prep

This weekend was a delight.It really began on Thursday as I pushed through making the rosettes from 6 PM until 4 AM then on Friday afternoon until 2 AM. Saturday morning I was on the road by 7:30 to drive (1 1/2 hr.) to the villa in Sierra Madre (Pasadena area) to meet the bride who had flown in from SF the night before and my bro and sister-in-love. This was also the day for the bridal shower and her… [Read More]

Paper Crop Circles

They just seem to appear overnight from nowhere.I just wish they would clean up after themselves. 😉

Wedding Rosettes

wedding decoration paper rosettes

I had a fairly creative weekend.It began with a trip to the villa where my niece is getting married to look over the site and help my SIL to figure out a few things. It is challenging for the bride to be located in SF and her wedding location being here in SoCal. In the villa is a large ballroom with tall doors that open onto a grass area on one side of the wall and to the piazza courtyard… [Read More]