Saturday Afternoon

I’ve been a rogue blogger for a few reasons:

The Heat – Many of our days have been on flex alert which means we’re asked not to use appliances until after 6 PM.  With the heat and humidity the last thing I feel like doing is firing up the oven to bake cookies, let alone dinner.

Social Calendar – We’ve had some fun and impromptu dinners with friends who nourish my soul.  Going through the rigors of daily life, I forget how important this is to me on so many levels.

August Malaise – I notice the shadows getting a bit longer and the sun more golden in the afternoon.  I start to mourn the season’s passing.  This month Son 1 had a birthday away from home, which has happened about every year since he entered college, but still, because it’s summer, his absence makes me feel disconnected until the day has passed. 

Son 2 heads back to college in three weeks.   For me, August is a whole big month of Sundays – and Monday morning is September.

School Daze – I’m prepping for my classes that begin next week.  So much to read and retain. 

My Day Job – Did you know I have one?  I do, although I’m fortunate to be able to make my own hours with my office located upstairs, it’s a mixed blessing to work out of one’s home for a family business.  With our growth I need to relocate my admin duties to our Costa Mesa location to some very lucky person.  Accepting applications now!  

Today’s cooler so I’ve got some baking planned. 

summer cookies

I cleaned out my fridge making a drawer for all my dough.  Organization motivates me.


There’s a fund raiser tonight to attend for the zoo.  Son 1 comes home for a few days on Thursday for a needed rest after taking his qualifying exams for his doctorate.  Son 2 is finishing up his wonderful summer job before going back up north to school for another year.  Life goes on at the end of summer.

Next week I’ve got a fun and crafty give-away planned for a back-to-school treat sponsored by Whisker Graphics.  See you then!

Have a fun weekend, friends!

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