The Anniversary Recap

With over 150 cookies to still decorate for this week, half of them needing to be finished by tomorrow and the other half by Wednesday, I expected to have celebrated my anniversary in the kitchen with a few pastry bags but my sweet groom surprised me by heading out early to buy me my favorite misto accompanied with flowers and a very sweet card telling me he had made reservations for dinner at one of my happiest place on earth,… [Read More]

My Cup Runneth Over With Love

I’d say, “I do.  I do.” all over again. Happy 28th wedding anniversary to the love of my life.

A Midsummer Night’s Balancing Act

August.It’s just starting to hit me that time is running out and my opportunities for all my good intentions this summer are dwindling. Son2 will be back at college next month and how many good home cooked meals have I made? Not many. I need to change that. Son1 flies into town on Friday for a week’s visit which we’ll also have the pleasure of celebrating his birthday with him at home. This is a real treat. He deserves a… [Read More]

Remembering the 4th of July on the 8th

paper lanterns in the trees

We gathered for a happy, relaxed time together. The lanterns and bunting were hung in place. Party favors for everyone! The vintage mid-century bottle opener was also invited to the party. It was tied onto the drink tub with a festive ribbon. Several croquet games ensued. There were some very impressive wicked wicket shots and who knew croquet could become a contact sport! And of course there were plenty of frozen red, white and blue daiquiris. I thank my lucky… [Read More]


It’s such a beautiful morning here it’s almost possible to put aside the images of what I’ve seen in the news this week from the south and mid-west. But I can’t. I think of the thousands of people personally affected that are literally without a roof over their heads. I can’t imagine the terror they felt in prayer asking for protection for themselves and for those they loved to emerge just minutes later, elated with their lives, followed by instant… [Read More]

Monday Night

Dang. Mr. PM needs to be in the dog house more often. Actually he wasn’t in trouble, he’s just being a sweetheart. I was going to post tonight on cookies but now I think I’ve got other plans. 😉 See you tomorrow.


I have been deeply affected by the enormous tragedy in Japan. The images coming in everyday are overwhelming. I try only to watch at night which has probably been the reason for my restless nights. I have a bad feeling. The kind where you go about your day and look around like you’re trying to capture normalcy knowing it will be gone when you wake up tomorrow.There is a nuclear power plant in south OC. A big one. As the… [Read More]

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!

Happy 20th Birthday to my sweet, baby boy! May you find the same joy in your heart today as when you opened your present on your third birthday and found exactly what you wished for. xoxo

It’s Always Sunny In…. Coto

When you think of SoCal do you think of mountains and green rolling hills? The green won’t be here for long so I’m really making a point of enjoying our spring weather. I’m very fortunate to live in a pretty location and I know I don’t always appreciate my surroundings as I’m driving in and out so I grabbed my camera yesterday and took some photos on my way out. One rule I adhered to was to take the photos… [Read More]

I Should Really Get Out More Often or Should I?

Saturday was date night per se. We drove up PCH through Laguna Beach for dinner at Modo Mio. The sunset was gorgeous after a crystal clear day reaching into the high 70’s. This is an unexpected little jewel of a restaurant in the Crystal Cove center between Laguna and Newport Beach. The food is very good and it’s nice to know you can still get cozy ambiance with table linens and an entre under $20. This makes me want to… [Read More]