It’s Always Sunny In…. Coto

When you think of SoCal do you think of mountains and green rolling hills? The green won’t be here for long so I’m really making a point of enjoying our spring weather. I’m very fortunate to live in a pretty location and I know I don’t always appreciate my surroundings as I’m driving in and out so I grabbed my camera yesterday and took some photos on my way out. One rule I adhered to was to take the photos from the car from the routes I usually take either coming or going.

One of the many Coto windmills.

The Saddleback mountains and the ‘old’ golf course with another windmill.

The ‘new’ course and golf club.

Always breathtaking.

And patriotic.

And there really are oranges in the OC.

I was hoping to see some colts or foals but it must be too early.

But I did see a couple of miniature horses.

Maybe one day they’ll play here.
Don’t quite understand a small dirt arena for polo, do you?


It wouldn’t be SoCal without prickly pear cactus too.

I knew I was drawn to the plant for a reason ~
Prickly Pear Margarita
And it’s pink!

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 🙂

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  1. I love SoCal! The grass is greener on the other side even when it is brown and much better than mine. Covered in snow. you are very blessed have a great day. A warm, sunny shinny, beautiful day. Sigh.

  2. Spent six of my childhood years in southern Cal. so will always have a soft spot for it and we go once a year to Laguna for a family trip….those pictures were stunning, oh how I miss seeing the greenery!!!!! Really lush looking and looked more like CT or VA. with the rolling hills, the trees, the horses, etc….so beautiful. Thanks for the mini getaway:)

  3. It’s all so beautiful and green!Much different than the golden we experienced during our visit last summer. We are living in a sea of white so this is pure delight!

    I’ll be emailing you the info you asked about.


  4. Thanks for taking us on your drive….haven’t been to SO Cal. in ages!

  5. Oh how beautiful!! I could have some fun there with my camera, for sure.

    And I wold LOVE to have a mini horse, how cute are they??

    I hope your day is great sweetie!

  6. Lady Kate says:

    Being in minus 2 degrees in Minnesota last week, and 8 degrees in DC this week, your pictures warmed my heart and longings for Southern California!

  7. great photos! It looks so peaceful and warm… maybe a consideration for a second home ….we are still trying to decide where to go to escape the Canadian winter months… I so want a small town country feel… xo HHL

  8. Gorgeous photos!

    I have a favor to ask – do you have any suggestions of places to see and reasonable (but tasty) restaurants to go to in San Diego or LA? My BF and I are going there in a couple weeks to visit! If you have a moment, would you mind emailing me?! anniesadventures16 at gmail


  9. I love your photos, especially the horses and cactus! I am so jealous of your weather right now. I just can’t wait for spring. Another snow storm today/night, it is starting to get to me. I hope you are enjoying the weather, as I know you are!

  10. We have tons of prickly pear in Texas but the scenery isn’t so lovely as yours…

  11. You are one lucky lady!! xoxo

  12. oh, i want to jump into each of those pictures. it is so cold, drab and grey here. i’m ready for spring. thanks for sharing and take care.

  13. I was just visiting my mom in Rancho Santa Fe on Tuesday…so beautiful and green right now. Thanks for the photos.
    Mary Ann

  14. PS. My daughter works in Manhattan and said yesterday it was like a snow globe outside. I didn’t want to rub it in about our weather here. Following you now.
    Mary Ann

  15. Greetings from another S Cal-er… we moved from Laguna Niguel this year to Lake Arrowhead and its been one lovely discovery after another! though I do miss my year round garden. Found your blog through the usual rambling from one spot to another, glad I did!

  16. I also live in SO-CAL near CSUF and have and can see Catalina Island and Downtown Los Angeles on a clear day. I love the weather here. I have never been to Coto before but heard that it’s uber expensive and upscale. Must be nice.

  17. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing! =)