Decorated Milkshake Cookies

Milkshake Decorated Cookies

You might recall, I recently designed and decorated these milkshake cookies for a post I wrote for Tiny Prints being inspired by one of their party invitation so now I’m going to show you how I made them and baked them with the straws.

I began by drawing a template of the basic shape of what I think looked like a milkshake.
I cut the template out of card stock and used it to help me cut out the shape in the dough with a knife.  Easy, no?

Milkshake Decorated Cookies

I cut paper straws into approximately 4” lengths to use.  Use the uncut end of the straw to stick out of the cookie.  The cut end will be a little flatten from the cutting.  You want the nicer end to be the one you’ll see.

Flip the cookie over so the rolled side is now facing the cookie sheet (because the side that touches the rolling pin is usually nicer than the side on the board).  Place the straw at an angle and lightly press in.  If you press it in too much, the shape of the cookie will distort.  You can see this happened in the middle cookie in the first photo of the post.

Take pieces of dough (softer works well) and patch it over the straw.  This is the same technique I use on baking with lollipop sticks.  You can find other examples HERE and HERE.

Milkshake Decorated Cookies

Ding!  When the cookies are finished baking and have cooled, and because I don’t draw very well free hand, I drew some guidelines on the cookies to help me pipe using edible food pens.

Milkshake Decorated Cookies

To get a sectioned effect without piping the lines, letting them set and then filling in, I piped every other section with thinned royal icing and let it crust over.  I then went back and filled in the other sections.

Milkshake Decorated Cookies

For the whipped cream areas, I first outlined the sections to get more of a separation when I filled them in with thinned royal icing.  Red heartTip:  make the outlines thick enough so the icing won’t spread into the other sections.  I was cutting a corner here not wanting to change my #2 tip to a larger size, #3 or #4, so my icing decided to ooze over the outlines.

The glass base was also filled in with thinned royal icing.

Milkshake Decorated Cookies

The cookies were finished just like a real milkshake, by placing a dot of red icing for the cherry with a touch of white icing highlight and a sprinkling of small candy confetti over the whipped cream.

Of course, you can also make your milkshakes in other “flavors” and colors besides the strawberry, but pink on my blog is the perfect color.  🙂

Milkshake Decorated Cookies

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A College Graduation, Father’s Day and My Birthday

Off to celebrate all three this weekend! Back next week after coming down from cloud 9 to show you how to make these milkshake decorated cookies/party favors/place setting name “cards” I designed and made specially for Tiny Prints using their party invitation, Stately Straws, for inspiration.   Have a sweet and fun weekend!