Your First Kiss … do ‘kiss and tell’!

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I have a love affair with Valentine’s Day.

It’s when I received my first kiss from a boy named Kenny Watkins. In second grade, while we were passing out Valentine’s among the decorated shoe boxes adorned with paper doilies and hearts, Kenny puckered up and planted one on my right cheek. Totally surprised but secretly pleased due to my reciprocal crush, I did what any self–respecting seven year-old girl would have done – I promptly walked up to my teacher, Mrs. Fedor, and tattled on him. What would be deemed as terribly un-PC today and probable cause for expulsion for the kissing bandit, she smiled and said, “What a lucky girl you are!”

Even at that age I remember not expecting that particular answer since it would have been so much more fun to have gotten him into trouble. Walking back to my desk I noticed Kenny was already back at his, which was right next to mine. He sat there with the biggest, most beautiful smile. Mrs. Fedor was right. I was a lucky girl.

Red heart I’d love for you to ‘kiss and tell’ and share your first kiss story with us in the comments section. Red heart

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  1. What a cute story!!
    I dont think I have any good Valentine’s Day stories but I do remember my very first little boyfriend and kiss :O) It was kindergarten lol

    Are you doing something faboo with these decorations? I just printed Valentine’s Day ribbon for my own little treats :O)

  2. Sweet post that made me stroll down memory lane. My first “real” kiss was in 7th grade at a boy girl party. Remember those?? Spin the bottle was the culprit. Aww Ricky….

  3. SP -Can’t wait to see what you printed, for yourself and me.:)

    Bronco Mom – I never was invited to one of ‘those’ parties but I wished then I would have been. I had it so bad for Tony T. for 4 years and he never looked my way. He’ll never know what he missed! lol! 😉

    Thanks for sharing ladies.:)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I truly can’t remember that far back:) I do know i had many grade school crushes and loved valentines day. Everyone got valentines!! Perfect giveaway-fingers crossed. Cheryl Liberty at

  5. Marilyn I adore this “Sweet” Story!!

    I remember a boy in my class offering to carry my books and as we rounded the corner of the school he leaned over and kissed me. I actually loved it!

    Art by Karena

  6. Camp! I was at sleep away camp. I’ll never forget

  7. Seventh grade. And not happy or pretty. I don’t think I figured men/boys out until about 10 years ago….

  8. I seriously can’t remember my first kiss….I think it was 6th grade Tommy was his name! I do remember he broke up with me on valentines day at our CCD class…I was crushed!

  9. Love this story! Very wise teacher!
    xo Cathy

  10. Cute story and clever response from your teacher! We’re working on shoeboxes for next week now. Love that they are still doing this as I (and you!) did as a child.

  11. My first kiss was from my DH, Junior year of high school. He “asked me out” during spring break and the day we got back to school from vacay he kissed me in the hallway before French class.

  12. Mosey on over to apronsandappetites to get some good love stories. I have a picture of my first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. on there. Trying to do some love stories for this month.

    Of course, I should put a pic of me beside your Pink Martinis and Pearls gal because I am in LOVE with your blog! 🙂

    My true first kiss was in the second grade when Donnie Love (what a great last name for a first kisser) chased me all over recess and kissed me when he caught me. It was scary and thrilling all at the same time. I wanted him to do it next recess at the same time I was scared he would. Story of my life. Confused!

  13. Anonymous – I think everyone should get a Valentine in class. 🙂

    Karena – so funny and innocent. 🙂

    Beth – Sounds like a good one! 🙂

    LPC – Sounds like blogging tutorial fodder to me. Can’t wait to read your how-to-figure-them-out post. lol! 🙂

  14. Kathy – Breaking up at CCD? Tommy is going to hell for sure then. lol! 🙂

    Cathy – Somehow I feel you would say the same thing. 🙂

    Pink In Sea of Blue – I am so glad to hear classes are still making decorated show boxes and handing out Valentines. 🙂

    Nicole – Wow! Young love. And they said it wouldn’t last. 🙂

    AnA – I love the stories on your blog and I left a comment. I dated a boy whose name was Dante d’Amore. I thought if I were to ever write a romance novel, he’d be my hero.:)