Weekend Update #3: The Bridal Shower

After the ‘design consultation’ at the villa, the trip to the church for our table setting dress rehearsal and a consult with the florist, this bride still had plenty of smiles left for her party!
wedding shower gift wrap ideasI gave my niece 3 gifts for her bridal shower.

The big package first.

wedding shower gift wrap ideasA plate of my mom’s.
Very 50’s. Very cute.

Next was the medium package.

I gave her a framed picture of my mom (Grandma Mac)
and her that I took 21 years ago.

heather and mom
We both miss her so much.

wedding shower gift wrap ideas
The third gift was presented in a Vera Bradley jewelry case. When she opened one of the little zipped pockets, she found a small card that read, “Something Old. Something Borrowed.”
I gave her my mom’s wedding band to wear the day of her wedding. It has seen two very happy and long marriages, that of my mom and dad and of Mr. P. M. and me.
I think it will bring her the same bon fortune.

wedding shower gift wrap ideasAfter the gifts were opened she said good-bye to the guests.

wedding shower gift wrap ideasThis was the groom’s Grandmother and sister.
So special that they shared the afternoon with us.

Before the party began though I could not resist taking some pictures of this incredible home of the hostess. It is an original Greene & Greene. The most famous Greene & Greene is The Gamble House built in 1908 in Pasadena and exemplifies the Arts and Crafts style of the period.

wedding shower gift wrap ideas
wedding shower gift wrap ideas
wedding shower gift wrap ideas
wedding shower gift wrap ideasYes, that is an elevator on the left.

One final picture before Heather goes off to Redondo Beach for the bachelorette party where her m-o-h will take her afterwards to LAX bound for her return trip to SF.

wedding shower gift wrap ideas
With the bride gone on her way my s.i.l. and I hit the road running and went to 4 stores in 3 different cities looking for ribbon! Driving through Pasadena on Oak Knoll, we came across a party set up in the front yard of one of the many palaces lining the street. I could not believe the white lanterns they had in the massive trees. They were huge! We drove by it 3 times. I could not get enough!

As tired as I was after dropping off my s.i.l. at home I had to go back and look since it was now dark. I made sure I had my camera and I took this pic but it did not come out well but it does give you the scope of the size and multitude of the lanterns. Everyone was wearing white and the word ‘love’ was displayed in huge letters in red flowers back by the house. I assume it was a wedding reception but what I wouldn’t have given to have been able to wander into that magical yard behind the tall towering hedge to take a proper photo!

wedding shower gift wrap ideas
This was a perfect site to end a perfect day.

“Suddenly I See” ~ K.T. Tunstall