Collegiate Valentine Care Packages

Are kids ever too big to receive some Valentine’s Day fun from home?
Afterall, “nuthin’ says lovin’ like something from mom’s oven!” 

Collegiate Valentine Care Package

So they wouldn’t miss anything among the packing, I made a big Valentine on one side then on the flip I printed out an inventory list.Caution:
You are about to enter the corny zone!
🙂Collegiate Valentine Care Package

Each Care Package contains:
1. One personal Valentine from Mom & Dad, (and cat).
2. Rice Krispy “Bear Hugs” Treats
3. Custom Collegiate Convo Heart Cookies
4. Banana Bread Bonus (bananas ripened after I printed out the card)
5. “Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love” Frost-Your-Own Chocolate Cupcakes
6. One Pint Container of Chocolate Icing
7. Customized Sprinkle Packets
8. Milk Money
9. Utensils & Napkins
10. Lots & Lots of Love

Collegiate Valentine Care Package Rice Krispy Bears
Because they are ‘beary special’.

Collegiate Valentine Care Package Conversation Hearts
They may be one-sided “conversation hearts”…

but at least joking keeps the convo going. 🙂

Collegiate Valentine Care Package Banana Bread
Banana Bread *bonus*
You can tell I like to monkey around!

Gather some dorm friends and have a party!

Collegiate Valentine Care Package DIY Cupcakes
Custom made sprinkle packs for my engineering guy and bio guy.

Collegiate Valentine Care Package DIY Cupcakes Sprinkle Packs
It’s a little known fact the particle theory was realized while eating a cupcake with sprinkles.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

And what are chocolate cupcakes without icy, cold milk?
…and a little extra for a ‘moo-vie’ perhaps?

Collegiate Valentine Care Package DIY Cupcakes Sprinkle Packs
Have a fun weekend, guys!