The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe In All The Land!


I hadn’t planned on posting today but then I found out it’s National Chocolate Cake Day!  I love this country and I love you and only want the best for you!

If you didn’t catch this recipe the first time, here it is in all it’s blue ribbon winning glory and chocolaty goodness!

“The Best Ever – Blue Ribbon Winning – Chocolate Layer Cake – In All The Land”!

Now go forth and bake making your friends and family very, very happy! *

You’re welcome!  🙂 xoxo

* If you don’t want to be placed on a pedestal forever being known for your chocolate cake where you alone are asked to make this for every birthday, celebration or casual get-togethers with being witness to the moans of pleasure and eyes rolling back and watching grown adults do a happy dance like no one’s watching, then move along…there’s nothing for you to bake here. 😉

blue ribbon winning chocolate cake


“The Best Ever – Blue Ribbon Winning – Chocolate Layer Cake – In All The Land”!

Being a Child of the 60’s, not as in Woodstock, but more like Sally Draper but with non-smoking, non-drinking, loving, supportive parents that actually liked their kids, these were my earliest baking recollections with my mom: Dream Whip. Dolloped on top of a boxed gingerbread cake.  My feet tucked under my knees on the kitchen chair watching her transform dense, brown holiday loaves filled with yellow and green cubed sticky stuff into baked jewelry.  The candied cherry halves on top… [Read More]