Decorated Apple Cookies

I noticed last week was Teacher Appreciation Week for our local schools.  It brought back good memories of classes winding down and students anxiously awaiting summer vacation.

decorated apple cookies

Last fall, I made these cookies to accompany a give-away but I never showed you how easy they were to make.  Raise your hand if you’re ready!

If you wish to make them like I did …

You’ll Need:

For the apple template design, I drew something that I thought would look like an apple with a leaf and cut out the template from card stock.  Using the template as a guide, I cut out each cookie with a sharp knife.

decorated apple cookies template

After the cookies were baked and cooled, I outlined the apple part of the cookie with red royal icing.  My idea was to make a more sophisticated design, no polkas dots or smiling apples for this freshly baked bushel.

apple cookies outline

Fill it in with thinned royal icing when the outline has set – approx. 10 minutes.

apple cookies fill

Uh-oh. I get an “incomplete” for not taking photos of cutting out the green fondant leaf and white flower but you can easily make the leaf with a fill in of green royal icing if you don’t have the fondant.

When the apple base of red icing is dry, I made lines across the apple using a #3 decorating tip in a bag of red royal icing.  The fondant leaf and white blossom was attached with piping gel but you could also use royal icing.

decorated apple cookies

Hope you had a good holiday. Back to work and class today.

Have a good week and learn something new today!  🙂