My Royal Wedding Souvenir

Last week I ventured into the Tod’s store to look at a bag I saw Kate Middleton pictured with.
What was particularly interesting about it was that it’s called the D-style bag named after Diana but the updated version.
Here’s a quick article on the connection of both bags.
I particularly liked the soft grey and the leather was like buttah but at $1665, uh, I rather have a new camera.

Then, who was seen, but the latest Middleton sibling sensation, Pippa, the morning after the wedding strolling out of the Goring Hotel with this ~

From Mondalu of London. It’s called the Bristol bag, medium, in shark.
$149, British Pounds which converts to $245 , plus shipping to my corner of the country ($24).
A much more affordable choice and equally covetable.

I just think of it as either a Mother’s Day gift to myself or my little piece of memorabilia of the royal wedding.
So much better than a mug or tea towel don’t you think? 🙂

Back to baking…

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  1. Love the Bristol bag! Thanks for pointing it out! Happy baking!


  2. Love that bag…I want one in brown. Can you tell my hubby for me!

  3. I have a different Modalu bag that I picked up last year when I was in England, and I can’t say enough good things about it! It’s great quality, and easily one of my favorite bags to carry.

  4. LOVELY! Congrats to your on your new beauty!

  5. Love it! Great looking, big enough to hold my “junk”, classic enough to not be considered too trendy ( a pet peeve of mine) and love the color! Great choice!!

  6. I like your style! That bag is fabulous!

  7. Oh the bag is divine – just like you!! Happy Mother’s Day, Friend!! xoxo

  8. Well, if it’s as soft as ‘buttah’ then it’s a baking essential and therefore a necessary item and business expense!
    xo Cathy

  9. Love it. And am jealous.

  10. Love the bag…..almost as much as your cookies 🙂 Happy Baking.

  11. My fellow fashionista – The shark color is sold out. Hope you got it if you wanted it!

  12. Such beautiful bags! I like Pippa’s bag, hopfully it doesnt time long to arrive!

  13. Fantastically fabulous 🙂

  14. OMG I love the Middleton family’s fashion as well! Way to pay attention to detail and what a snag!