Snowmen Pops!

A fun project to do with kids of any age.
Last year I had son2 bring over a bunch of his buddies with their girlfriends and make these out of marshmallows. I just had to get my hands on a holiday project and have kids over. Even big ones!snowman marshmallow pops
Stick 3 marshmallows on a long lollipop stick.
Spoon melted white candy coating.
Decorate with royal icing embellishments (hat, nose, eyes and buttons) Cake decorating stores usually sell these already made.
Cut a scarf out of fruit roll-ups and wrap it around.
Let set up on waxed paper and there you have it.

snowman marshmallow pops
On a small cardboard round we started with a puddle of melted candy coating and sprinkled it with sand colored sugar and mini rock candy crystals to resemble ice. We dipped the marshmallows in the coating and arranged Frosty to look like he had seen better, colder days. I think the added palm tree finishes the effect, don’t you?

Wrap them in a baggie and bring them out next year if they don’t get eaten. The ones pictured are both last year’s models. They will keep indefinitely.

Have fun!