KISS For Valentine’s Day

Keep It Simple Sweetheart…Fancy Flours. Love, love, love.
Especially when I’m feeling a little lazy.

valentine cupcake wrappersLet them do the cutting. Let me eat cake.

A cookie is a blank canvas. heart cookie stencilsStencil it!

Feeling retro?
Let your cookie be the Valentine card.

valentine waffer paper*Wafer paper goes on top of the icing.

If you’re not a baker, buy plain cookies in the market and a can of icing or spread royal icing on and let it dry for a hard cookie.
No, the perfectionist baker in me is not cringing.
This is a perfect mommy and me project.
The wafer paper can be cut to any shape with scissors.
Doesn’t get easier than this except for sprinkles on a cupcake.
Simple, no stress, fast, but with big love results.

How adorable are these old-fashioned Valentine’s?
*Wafer paper to the rescue again!
valentine waffer paperMake it easy.
It’s the thought that counts!

*Note: Don’t know what Wafer Paper is? Any photo type impression you see on a cookie or cake is a Wafer Paper overlay. It is a made from potato starch, is completely edible, and acts like a sheet of paper that has been printed with food grade ink although when applied to a surface it becomes one with it and takes on either a soft texture if there is butter cream icing or a hard texture if it tops royal icing. I have a printer that I only use for this purpose when someone requests a photo image. Wafer Paper is different than transfer sheets for chocolate work, but that’s another post. 😉