Ralph Lauren Mini Tote and Kyle Chan Jewelry Designs

Baskets and jellybeans are optional this Easter.
Ralph Lauren Mini Tote 723 copy
As soon as I came upon this mini Polo tote I knew I would be putting it out for the Easter Bunny to fill with pretty, colorful treats. After Easter it’ll find its way to my desk to hold incoming mail or pens and such.  I found  it at an RL outlet store on our trip last week.  

In case the Easter Bunny overlooks our house this year, since we already had our spring break and family time, I decided to help him out a little.
When I saw a certain pair of earrings on the Beverly Hills housewives, I went on the equivalent of an Easter egg hunt to find them.  I loved the opaque qualities of the translucent hue of the green chalcedony.  I found out they were the designs of Kyle Chan, a Los Angeles designer.
The green chalcedony reminds me of the ocean with foam rising up when a wave passes over the sand.  They speak summer to me.
GreenChalcedony699 copyp
And the blue chalcedony? Gorgeous. Like the color of spring skies.
BlueChalcedony698 copy
BlueChalcedony704 copy
My kind of jellybeans this spring – pretty amethysts.
Amythest Drops 711 copy
And unlike jellybeans, jewelry has no calories!
Happy Easter, Happy Spring and Happy Passover! 
Ralph Lauren Mini Tote 693 copy
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