Debutante Ball Gown Decorated Cookie

Preppy 101 asked me to make a cookie for a friend’s debutante celebration and I was thrilled! I thought the cookie cutter used for the “Betty Draper Party Dress” that is featured in my Give-Away would be perfect and I wanted to share a couple more decorating ideas with you.Click HERE to enter the give-away if you’d like.
It ends this Sunday after Mad Men. 🙂debutante ballgown dress cookies
I began with my favorite Sugar Cookie and Royal Icing recipes.

In keeping with the tradition of the debutante’s white dress, I thought an all white cookie with petite white embellishments on the skirt would be nice.

There are 2 ways to outline a cookie. Outline before filling in the cookie with thinned icing or afterwards. Each gives you a different look. I chose to outline first to make a finished cookie with a softer look.

debutante ballgown dress cookies
Here’s a photo of Betty’s dress I made for the Mad Men Cookie post where I flooded first then drew my lines on set icing. I made the outline icing just a shade lighter than the dress color. It’s a good technique to use if you want a higher contrast.

debutante ballgown dress cookies
You can see outlining first then filling in gives a more subtle look.

debutante ballgown dress cookies
I then lightly dusted pearl luster powder over the dried icing to add a soft glow and with the flick of a brush, a few sparkles of edible glitter (Disco Dust in rainbow) to catch the light.

debutante ballgown dress cookies
The deb’s favorite colors are pink and green (I liked her instantly) so I incorporated the colors in the ribbon and packaging material as accents.

Mmmm, so many pretty ribbons to choose from.

pink ribbons
I have a pink and green collection and this is only part of it!

Which would you choose? 🙂

For the decoration on the skirt, I experimented with two dots patterns. One was a simple 3 dot pattern like the original Betty cookie I made and the other was a scattered flower pattern with pearlized dragees placed in the center of the flowers on my tester cookie.

debutante ballgown dress cookiesdebutante ballgown dress cookies
I accentuated the waist of both dresses with ribbon but I didn’t want the ribbon to take away from the focus of the dress so I used a sheer polka dotted green color and tacked the ribbon in place with a spot of icing.

Adding some festive paper shred with some opalescence strands for the packaging brought in the pink color and is a nice background for the dress.

pink sizzle packpink sizzle pack
To finish the cookie presentation, I tied the cello bag with a wider width, plain, sheer green ribbon that matched the polka dot ribbon in color and transparency.

One last thing I would do Miss P101, is to make a tag with your wonderful monogram program with the deb’s initials and slip it onto the tied ribbon. This would be a lovely and personal touch to add to your sweet gift along with your other gifts too.

debutante ballgown dress cookies
Congratulations to the debutante and thank you for including me in your fun!