Wine Aerator… It Works!

I took a blind taste test and this little contraption does make a big difference. They even tried to trick me on the first go round. I thought I would be sampling one aerated and one non-aerated and that would be it. I said the two tasted the same and was pretty smug until I was told I drank out of the same non-aerated glass twice.

Hmmm. Okay. Give me another chance.

Two more sips. I knew which one I liked better. I described it not being as sharp. I chose the aerated one and liked it much better. I was educated that the aerator sped up the breathing process as oxygen was forced into the wine while it was being poured thus, “opening it up”.

Yeah, whatever. Fill ‘er up.

Great stocking stuffer for your favorite wine snob or for parlor tricks.
Also available at BB&Beyond. $40

QVC has a combo which is a good deal.
At an intro price of $36.12 you not only get the aerator that fits into the bottle instead of holding it over the glass like the one above, but also a foil cutter and the lever opener.

I bought one for Mr. P.M. for Christmas.
Shhhh. Don’t tell.

The Houdini Vertical Opener & Aerator