My Joe Wilson Moment

The incident with Joe Wilson brought to mind my own moment of disclosure from years of calculated deceit.

It involved a loaf of bread.

When my boys were very young and I hadn’t gotten to the store to buy another loaf which was running low for the PB & J sandwiches and knowing no one liked to eat the heals of the bread I concocted a story. I told them it was the baker’s piece and it was so special and yummy that he saved it for himself and no one else could eat it. Amazingly they both bought it and every slice of bread was eaten and not only that but the baker’s piece was even requested.

Jump forward almost 20 years when we were reminiscing one night and I said something like …’and remember all the sandwiches with the “baker’s piece” (air quotes) and how you would eat the heals of the bread?’ Suddenly my 21 year-old’s face looked as if he was 3 years old and I had told him there was no Santa. He said, “You lied!!” I said, “What?” He said, “You lied to me! I feel so foolish. I can’t believe you did that!” I was completely caught off guard by his reaction and shrugged it off with a smile and slight laugh and said, “That’s not true!” I knew this was not a matter of slice preference and although we were years away from worrying who got the baker’s piece the fact was I had purposely deceived him and I was being called on it!

I feel badly to this day believe it or not.
I had never lied to my children before or since that I can recall.

I think some parental secrets are better kept until one’s a grandmother.

Santa is another story saved for another time. 🙂