Life Over The Last Week

3 big dinners two of which I hosted.
The Mad About Plaid Family Lowland Games Day After Thanksgiving Extravaganza
were a smashing success.
Why didn’t I take pictures??

Hearing from son2 before he left yesterday to go back to school…

“Thanks mom for making my first trip back home so wonderful. The food was so good and you made the house look so cozy with all the decorations. It makes it hard to leave.” I sent with him 4 sandwiches and a piece of the last pie and received this text a few hours later… “The pie is the best thing I’ve had to eat up here.”

It warmed my heart so.

After much thought son1 has decided to turn down a good offer with an oil company for a job upon graduation and pursue grad school. This was a big decision but this company was putting undue pressure on him by only giving him 2 weeks to decided (school procedure dictates companies that participate in on campus recruitment give 4 weeks so they are not complying by the rules already and would not give him an extension- this didn’t make any of us feel good. Where are the ethics here?)

A relative of a relative of a relative who is a sensitive came for dinner and told me I have a “peaceful presence” in my home of protection and thought it was my mom.

I have found the perfect pink martini recipe and will post it for the holidays.

I hope you all had loving, comforting and interesting things happen for you over the holiday.

Now on to the next holiday preparation!

Have a magical day!

Addendum ~ “Oh, Helen of Troy!”
How could I have not included the victory of my beloved
USC Trojans over UCLA?
I guess it just happens so regularly I took it for granted!!
USC ~ 28
UCLA ~ 7

Not a stellar game but victory is still as sweet as ever!

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  1. sounds lovely. best of luck for your son with grad school!

  2. The peaceful presence. Ah. Might also be you:).

  3. Awwww sounds like a wonderful holiday weekend!!

  4. The ULTIMATE compliment! You’re the best, Pink Martinis and Pearls! Please come to Tennessee for a visit! What is halfway?? 😉 I need to email you later with the latest. Hugs. xoxo

  5. Oh my a victory is so sweet doesn’t matter if it was pretty or not. My Bulldawgs threw a party on Saturday evening and won as well. Yes, victory is sweet! How sweet it is!!!
    Glad to read your Thanksgiving week with the sons were a success. Now, before you know it they will be back for Christmas break.

  6. Sounds wonderful! Glad y’all had a good time:)